Hair Styler Mag – Everything About Mens Hair!

Hair clippers are the perfect man tool for always maintaining the freshest appearance with results made at home. Learn to cut your own hair, manage your beard, trim your eyebrows, and use them for all over body use. Also, you can check out some of the best nose hair trimmers we reviewed!

By having you from the need to visit your barber, you’ll also find your hair clippers will become a great long-term investment.

For these reasons and more we’ve collected and collated all of the info for the best hair clippers and best balding clippers, then produced our clipper reviews as well as Andis brand to inform our readers what’s what.

Different clippers will suit different functions, and different hair types, so have a browse through to find which will suit you best.

Hair Styler Mag – Everything About Mens Hair!
Andis BGR+ Detachable Ceramic Blade Clipper
Hair Styler Mag – Everything About Mens Hair!
4.3 out of 5
In the Hair Clippers category
Our #1 Rated
Hair Styler Mag – Everything About Mens Hair!
Oster 76076-011 Classic 76 in Limited Edition
Hair Styler Mag – Everything About Mens Hair!
4.6 out of 5
In the Hair Clippers category
Our #2 Rated
Hair Styler Mag – Everything About Mens Hair!
Panasonic Professional ER 1611 Clipper
Hair Styler Mag – Everything About Mens Hair!
4.8 out of 5
In the Hair Clippers category
Our #3 Rated
Hair Styler Mag – Everything About Mens Hair!
BaByliss Pro X2 Volare Professional Ferrari Clipper
Hair Styler Mag – Everything About Mens Hair!
4.3 out of 5
In the Hair Clippers category
Our #4 Rated
Hair Styler Mag – Everything About Mens Hair!
Panasonic ER-GS60
Hair Styler Mag – Everything About Mens Hair!
4.1 out of 5
In the Hair Clippers category
Our #5 Rated
Hair Styler Mag – Everything About Mens Hair!
Philips Norelco
Hair Styler Mag – Everything About Mens Hair!
4.6 out of 5
In the Hair Clippers category
Our #6 Rated

If you’re looking for hair clippers for professional, or at home use, here are our top ten tips to consider to ensure you get the right model for you.

1. How often do you have your hair cut?

Do you usually visit your barber on a weekly basis? Or are you more a once every 6 weeks type of guy? If you have your hair cut only occasionally, and don’t pay much for a cut, then consider whether the investment is worthwhile. If you do prefer a weekly tidy up, then what are you waiting for?

2. Know your Hair Type

It’s shocking how many people confuse their hair type. Make sure to know your hair type (Thick or thin, heavy or light) before you can choose some clippers. Different motors, and blade types work better for different hair types. Check this link for how to choose the right size.

3. Personal or Professional?

Many of the top clippers will be used primarily by hair professionals, and you should ask yourself what level of model you need. You needn’t spend a fortune to get a great set of personal clippers.

4. Battery Type

If you are opting for one of the cordless options, then take into consideration the different battery types. Standard rechargeable batteries offer far less life than either lithium ion or lithium polymer battery types which are available with many of the models.

5. Motor Type

There are different motor types available, and each has it’s own pros and cons. Depending on what you’ll be using yours for, one motor type may be preferable over the others.

6. Blade Type

The “standard” or basic clipper blade will usually be made from stainless steel. There are more sophisticated options available though, and you can find blades coated in titanium, or carbon, as well as the popular (though pricey) ceramic options which won’t overheat. You can also find angular blades which self-sharpen, one less thing for you to think about.

7. Cord / Cordless?

Clippers have always been corded, and perhaps this suits you just fine. Maybe you’re always near to a plug socket when you use your clippers, and the idea of needing to worry about how much charge they have left just doesn’t seem worth it.
However, the cordless clipper options have plenty of benefits of their own. Able to be used anywhere at any time and more practical for portable use might make them more attractive to you.

8. Your Budget

Regardless of your budget, we’ve compiled the best across the board. Make sure to shop around as there can be a sizable jump in price between the various model options.

9. Intended Use

Will you be using these all day every day, once a week for a trim, or perhaps you are looking for a trimmer for your body hair. All of these things need to be taken into account when you’re choosing your model.

10. Are You Experienced?  

Unless you’re a real dab hand with a pair of clippers already, perhaps you shouldn’t be spending money on a professional set just yet. Self-Styling isn’t necessarily for everyone.

Common Mistakes When Using Hair Clippers

If you’re new or amateur to owning hair clippers then you might want to check out the most common mistakes people make, so as to learn from their mistakes, and not your own. Here are the most important to watch out for.


Cleaning is the most basic way people go wrong with their clippers. It takes no time at all to take the cap off, and remove any hairs and small debris, and you should try to do it each time you use your clippers. If you let the dirt and hairs build up, the blades and motor will be slowed down, and your haircut might be disappointing.

Battery Charge

Just because the model says it can run for an hour and a half without charge doesn’t mean you need to constantly test it. Running your clipper constantly with a very low charge will slow the clipper, and can stop it from cutting consistently.
Most clippers work their best when they’re near full charge, so keep yours charged up, and always plug it in to charge directly after use.


Plenty of users ignore oiling, hard to say why, other than perhaps that they think it might be messy and complicated, and so have never tried. None the less it’s a very quick and simple task. Most hair clipper sets come with some clipper oil, but you can find some very cheap online or in the supermarket otherwise or if you’ve run out.
After cleaning the blades with cleaning solution and a cleaning brush simply apply a small amount of oil beneath along the tops and sides of the blades, then run the clipper for 15 seconds before switching off, wiping clean, and you’re done!

Follow these first three steps and you’ll already be well on your way to keeping your clippers maintained, and in proper working order. 

Check out this video for some general tips on hair clippers.

Clipper Buying Guide

Maintaining Your Hair Clippers

There isn’t so much you need to learn to keep your clippers working their best, but there are a few things which are very important right from the start. Here is a link explaining how does hair clippers work!

Take It Apart

From time to time, you’ll probably need to take your clipper apart for some basic maintenance. This is generally pretty simple though, and depending on the model you use you might require a screwdriver or allen key. Don’t fret though it isn’t all going to fall apart, there is only ever one thing to unscrew (and screw back in), and that’s the blades.

Blade sharpening

In some cases, your clippers might come with self-sharpening blades, in this case, move on to the next point. Otherwise, this is something you need to know.
First, you need to unscrew your blades, before giving it a wipe-clean, and depending on the blade material might need a small bath in some solution if rust is visible.
Next take your blade, or place it onto a magnet, and run the blade forward along the water stone for half a dozen to a dozen times, before blowing off the dust. If you opt for ceramic blades you’ll need a different type of stone. And yes the stone is more expensive, just like the blades.

As explained above, as well as when you finish sharpening your blade, apply some oil after reassembling your clipper, and run it for 10-15 seconds.

While it is best just to learn the few simple tricks to keeping clippers healthy, I should note that there are some relative low maintenance modelsout there. Some are waterproof and so are cleaned while you use them pretty much, so that removes that chore. Also as we’ve said some models come with self-sharpening blades. A self-sharpening blade is supposed to become sharper as it cuts, meaning you won’t need to worry about using a stone as often.

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Bottom Line

As the experts, it’s our job to bring you the most honest, unbiased, and up to date info available about the hair clippers that money can buy. We’ve compiled everything you could ever need to be an expert yourself, or at least by reading our clipper reviews you will be far better informed to make the right choice. If you are looking for women’s styling tools, check this website