Andis BGR+ Detachable Blade Clipper ReviewIf you’re looking to venture into the more professional side in search of the best cordless clippers on the market, then the Andis BGR+ review is a great place to start! Will the features impress enough to justify the above average price tag? Keep reading for our verdict. 


The first thing to mention is that the Andis BGR+ is a ceramic blade clipper. Ceramic conducts heat poorly, meaning that unlike all cheaper stainless steel, or even titanium blades, the BGR+ will stay cool even after hours of use. Unfortunately the ceramic is more fragile than metal options and is more expensive to replace.

The rotary motor is built for heavy thick hair, and plenty of it. This model is often remarked in user comments to cut through any hair like a hot knife through butter.

The charger uses their patented sensa-charge technology for ultra fast charging. And all of this in a micro cordless package around 15% smaller than its corded equivalent.

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The design is sleek, mostly in black, and very elegant. It has the appearance of the type of product which resides exclusively in more up-market salon type establishments. If you’re using this for personal use, and perhaps some friends or family, then this machine is more than up to the task with all of its sturdy design components.
It’s also made in an ergonomic design to make for maximum efficiency and comfortable use, though compared to most of clippers we feature, this one is by far the heaviest at 6 lbs, most are around 1 lb or less. Depending on what you look for, this could be seen as advantageous, or as a downside; there are plenty of great lighter weight models like the Wahl 79600, though these are far less durable and less fit for heavy duty cutting than this.

Andis BGR+ Detachable Blade Clipper Review


Can be used all over to cut hair up to 1” in length to the smallest setting of 1/16” quickly and evenly. It can also be used to skim the tips of even long hair off neatly, without pulling. Whatever you use them for they are always said to operate super quietly.
The motor can easily keep running at full power, without overheating for several customers, and recovers its full charge quickly making it ideal for salon use. For personal use you’ll never need to worry about the battery charge when using this guy, he just keeps on going.


A state of the art rotary motor means it handles the thickest and heavy hair with ease. Despite this, the charger’s technology gives full charge within the hour, and runs for over an hour without overheating thanks to the ceramic blades.


The clipper is neatly packaged with blade oil, and seven different attachment combs measuring 1/16″, 1/8″, 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″, 3/4″, 1″. Though unfortunately only one ceramic blade comes with it. Of course you have the charger base, along with a battery pack too, and it comes packaged in a heavy duty case for storage.
There are plenty of extras that can be picked up to go with the clippers online though, including replacement ceramic blades, or metal ones if you wanted to save to cash.

Compatibility with hair types

We can tell you with confidence that the Andis BGR+ is known to cut smoothly through all hair types, one customer review I read even said it cut right through thick poodle hair without a problem. You won’t find any reviews at all that say they had a particular problem with their hair using these.

Of all the myriad products on the market, few are built as functionally as this one.
This really is a lovely product, everything from performance, to appearance is a cut above, and it definitely is one of the more premium and desirable models on the market. If you were looking for professional quality, then our Andis BGR+ review is confident to say that these are a pretty safe bet by all accounts. If however you were hoping to pay less than professional rates, then perhaps you could check out something more in our top-rated clippers list.

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While this clipper sits pretty much at the top for professional use, this may not be entirely necessary for home use. The price is up there, and If like me you only use your clippers for shaving and a monthly trim, then maybe this option is a little OTT.

For more information about the history of Andis hair clippers, check out this great article.