Andis BGRv 63100 Hair Clipper ReviewAs our review shows, the Andis BGRv 63100 Hair Clipper is one of the heavy weights of the hair clipper domain. Keep reading for our definitive guide.


The BGRv allows for control over five variable speed settings giving more control to you, to cater to each cut. The ceramic blades allow for longer, more vigorous work with the risk of overheating. They’re also easily removable, which again makes me smile, old models I’ve had that have required cleaning have often driven me back into the welcoming arms of my $40 a cut hairdresser. How much does yours cost?

The product can be used cordless, but has a 360 degree swivel on the handle to stop the cord from becoming tangled when used, but which also keeps it tangle free when put away in the draw, box, carry-case or whatever you do with them when not in use.


The design for the BRGv is actually even smaller and more portable than almost all of the cordless models we’ve reviewed, and looks state of the art. Though this is probably partly because it doesn’t actually come as cordless. The product arrives corded, and you need a battery pack which is often sold separately, only then can it be used as a cordless portable clipper. You should also make sure to get the charger stand for cordless use. The model comes simply in plain black, as the rest of the very elegant range, and the charger and accessories all match. The materials are resilient and heavy duty, and while a little heavier than many options, they do have a very luxurious feeling when in the hand.  
On the plus side, being a corded clipper at birth… it does feel somewhat more powerful than the cordless equivalents and retains the same power when using the battery pack add-on.

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In many respects, the BRGv shares many similarities with other top of the line products in the industry, but only a very small handful have a reputation like this one. As such there isn’t really a situation when you wouldn’t use the BRGv. According to an overwhelming amount of their critics, these clippers are an iconic breed!
The battery life is around an hour, and the motor power far exceeds most of the competition. Though the BGRv doesn’t quite have the reputation of the Oster 76 for power, it still seems to be a real salon favourite for all hair types, making it more than capable of all personal grooming tasks. If you’re looking to learn by the way, check our tutorial here

Andis BGRv 63100 Hair Clipper Review


One of the most distinctive features of the Andis BGR range is their use of ceramic blades. Certainly not the most cost effective means, but many claim they cut more smoothly than their stainless steel counterparts, and they significantly reduce overheating issues. Though the blades can always be switched out for a stainless steel, or even an Oster 76 blade.

The blades are detachable, as with the BRGx, this is really praiseworthy I would think all users would agree as it also totally detaches the chore of cleaning your clippers!

Barbers or hairdressers can save time and work from their work day, and the casual user like myself doesn’t need to struggle for hours to perform the monthly clean as with some models.


It comes with one ceramic blade, the cord saver swivel, a user guide, and a small brush for cleaning. This product does not unfortunately come equipped for cordless use if you buy it alone, so be sure to pick up the battery pack, and maybe a charger base if you’re looking to use this as a cordless! 

Compatibility with hair types

The different speed settings have been well received by users for being efficient at cutting through different texture and weight of hair. I should also Andis BGRv 63100 Hair Clipper Reviewmention that many blogs for “African-American” stylists said that they used and love these particular clippers.

The Andis BRG range are often on the top-spot for customers ratings and in magazine review lists, and they have a strong following in more up-market hairdressers and salons, it’s safe to say that if it’s human hair… the BRGv is probably up to the task. 


It’s a little bit of a shame that this particular product doesn’t come prepared for cordless use, and it might be a shortcut to opt for the Andis BRG+ which is much like a cordless version of the BRGv. In terms of serious down sides all of our research shows that we don’t have much to offer for our Andis BGRv 63100 Review. If you aren’t a professional though, perhaps the price might scare you a little. For alternatives, check  other well-selected clippers in our homepage.

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