FeaturesBaByliss Pro X2 Volare Professional Ferarri Clipper

We were immediately excited for the BaByliss pro X2 Volare review, and upon closer inspection, were not to be disappointed. The motor / engine has been specially designed by the engineer team behind Ferrari in an effort to revolutionize the hair clipper market. If you’re eager to learn more about what they have to offer, and what if any, relevance the Ferrari company logo bears, then keep reading for our definitive guide.

The clippers feature the BaByliss ‘superior cutting system” blade. The blade is coated in titanium, which at double the durability of stainless steel should make for a sharper, longer lasting blade which cut faster and with more precision.
The only hitch is that, compared to some similar products, the price is definitely up there.

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The engine was designed by Ferrari, and the outward appearance of the clipper isn’t too dissimilar to a sports car. It has a sleek, slim, and luxurious whilst classic look to it, and comes in black or Ferarri red in a long lasting paint.

The grip is designed ergonomically to fit any hand size with comfort.
On a personal note I think it’s better than it isn’t decorated with a Ferrari logo, though this will depend largely on personal preference. I think though that it would have looked a little on the tacky side…
It feels sturdy enough, and the materials feel in line with other popular professional models, and all in all it’s not a bad clipper to look at.


The main target use for these is for a more upmarket salon-type environment, for either ladies or gentlemen.

Saying this though, if you prefer to cut your own hair from home and are looking for a top-end product, then from what reviews are saying you should be looking at getting years and years of personal use out of these. If however you were looking for a more basic clipper, this probably isn’t the one for you, and you might prefer something like in our best list! 


As far as technology goes, you will be hard pressed to find a substitute with more going on than this one. With the state of the art, and totally unique Ferrari engine on one hand, and the titanium blade on the other, this is perhaps a hair clipper that James Bond might keep in his glove compartment.

Finally the Li-polymer battery dwarfs the competition with up to 3 hours of cordless runtime, more than double what even lithium ion batteries boast. If you are interested in the different batteries used, this article is pretty insightful.

It does have different settings for hair lengths, but be aware that the longest hair length it can cut is pretty short indeed at length 2.0. You can find longer guards online, but plenty of other options come ready to cut a broader range of style options than these, and at a lower price too, like this Wahl Model.


Inside with the clipper you’ll receive four guards for different lengths, 0.8, 1.2, 1.6, and 2.0. The charger base, and a power cable, as well as some blade oil and brushes. A fairly standard package to be honest. However you also get one spare blade, which justifies the higher price somewhat, and it’s coated with carbon as an alternative to the titanium options. These blades are also self-sharpening, easy to clean, and generally no real work to maintain, which is good to know. 

BaByliss Pro X2 Volare Professional Ferarri Clipper

Compatibility with hair types

The jury is in, the BaByliss pro gets rave reviews from women and men, with thin and straight, thick and curly, and all the hair types in between.

This clipper set is certainly up there with the top dogs, and the main asset is probably the motor, making this one an excellent option for really hard to cut hair types. Saying this, the model seems to have sold less well than others on this list, so it is a little harder to judge with fewer reviews, and with a shorter history it’s hard to know how well the clipper ages.

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It’s a little tricky to conclude the BaByliss X2 Volare review, as the product is somewhat newer than many of the clippers here. As such it’s difficult to know if it will last the test of time. Also with less overall use than other models out there, there is less info to research as of yet. Check other cordless clippers listed in HairstyleLab.