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Best Balding Clippers Review (2021 Update)

Last Update:
April 25, 2021

Did you know that the invention of the most instrumental grooming tool, the manual hair clipper took place between 1850 and 1890 by a Serbian barber, Nikola Bizumic? The manual hair clipper was his inception, which was later modified and developed into an electrically operated balding clipper by Leo J. Wahl. The manual clippers were initially used for short haircuts, which became popular among schoolboys and men in the military and in prisons. The manual clipper had already marked its utility in the market and it was the advent of the electrical hair clipper better known as the balding clipper which assumed a better role in the grooming and lifestyle market. It’s important to get complete information on the best balding clippers. In today’s millennial age, where personal grooming is seen as a necessity, the requirement of clippers for shaving head and head shaver has become more desirable. However, there exists a plethora of such clippers and as consumers, we seek to acquire the best clippers available in the market. So, just to give you a fair idea about the various balding clippers and head shaver available in the market, this article will give a clearer picture to you before you decide to shell out money.

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Oster Classic 76 Universal Motor Clipper

INCLUDE : Blade guard, lubricating oil, clipper grease and cleaning brush MOTOR : Single speed universal motor
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In the Balding Clippers category
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Andis Men's 5-Speed Hair Clipper Kit

Andis Men's 5-Speed Hair Clipper Kit INCLUDE : Blade guard MOTOR : Rotary motor
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In the Balding Clippers category
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Remington HC4250 Shortcut Pro Self-Haircut Kit, Hair Trimmers, Clippers

INCLUDE : 13 Piece Kit Includes– Hand-held clipper, 9 Length-adjusting combs, cleaning brush, storage/travel pouch, oil MOTOR : The advanced chemistry of lithium power
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In the Balding Clippers category
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Wahl Professional 5-Star Balding Clipper

INCLUDE : Package includes the clipper, (2) attachment combs, oil, cleaning brush, instructions, and red blade guard. MOTOR : Powerful electromagnetic motor
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In the Balding Clippers category
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Andis T- Outliner Trimmer with T-Blade

INCLUDE : Close-cutting blade for trimming necks, beards, mustaches, and edging around ears MOTOR : High-speed motor
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In the Balding Clippers category
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Wahl Color Pro Complete Hair Cutting Kit

INCLUDE : complete set of color coded combs, haircutting accessories, and full color instructions with step-by-step guidance MOTOR : Wahl heavy duty motor
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In the Balding Clippers category



Shaving your head off is definitely a decision to make, and when one has prepared himself/herself then the next important consideration to make is ‘how to do it’? A few preparations are always needed before shaving off such as investing in a quality clipper, trimming off the hair to the shortest length possible and preparing a seating area for you so that all the hair could be collected afterward at once. The very first shave should be highly taken care of. It could lead to some redness or irritation for the people with sensitive skin, but such issues are not a big reason to worry.

❖        Mustering all the courage up, go ahead and get your head wet. Hot water is generally recommended to make your scalp and hair soft enough for an easier shaving. Make sure to rub your head with shaving lubricant or a clipper oil for the extra softness.

❖        Start shaving the head from the front, as the hair near the face is thinner and softer. Let the shaving lubricant take its time to soften the coarser hair at the back. Shave from the forehead towards the back in even rows. Do not forget to keep an eye on the pressure you exert as neither it should be so hard to give you cuts, nor too less to lead to unsatisfactory results. Keep cleaning the blade under water as often as necessary.

❖        Now the time comes to shave off the sides, back and around the ears. Firstly, try shaving from the back, move from the neck towards the top of your head, then clear off the sides. Be careful while working on the ears; try to hold the ear down with the other hand to avoid any nicks.

❖        When you are done with almost all visible parts of your head, start shaving off the unseen areas. Work in upward strokes and be careful not to rush the process. Glide smoothly over ridges and valleys to prevent any cuts and bleeding.

❖        Finally, have a look through your mirror; apply some oil for the final finishing and touch-ups. Rinse your head well and apply some aftershave to proudly flaunt the bald look!


❖    The day you decide to get rid of the hair on your head is the day when a lot of thought goes into consideration from selecting the right cream to the selection of the right sized razor. Since the scalp is exposed to a blade, which passes over the scalp, the choice of the correct blade plays a vital role in determining the correct exposure of the scalp to the blade. Since the scalp is a sensitive area of the body, it is advisable to soak it with some lukewarm water so that the hair absorbs enough moisture before it is sickled off.

❖        People who avoid taking the conventional route by not using the razor would use the clipper for shaving their heads. For them, it is very important to give enough thought to the selection of the correct blade size and the machine to be used. Looking at a multitude of Balding Clippers, the one, which would sit perfectly on your head, is again a subjective process.

❖        A lot of people would prefer the one with finesse while others may want to opt for a one, which fits perfectly into the palm and reaches out to every corner of the head with ease and comfort. A lot of people may not want the hassles of operating a machine with a chord and may seek better mobility of the machine, preferring the cordless balding clipper which comes in handy and can be carried to places without worrying about a plug point. Also, there could be cases where people may not want to completely get rid of every strand of hair and instead have a little stubble. For them, there are clippers with detachable blades which can be selected to give the desired length to the hair and which evenly cut through the all hair types and are suitable for all skin types.


The common notion that shaving your head will cause your hair grow thicker or increase the diameter of the hair follicles or even help you grow back hair you lost holds no water. The entire trajectory of the hair growth is dependent on the genetics of the humans. Although the modern technique of artificial hair transplant is a silver lining for those who are adamantly looking to defy the shortfalls of their genetics, however, the hair must be looked after with utmost care and nurtured in a hair friendly environment!

However, talking about those who are not genetically gifted and prefer to take the road less travelled by, which is prefer going bald, there are a number of benefits to keep them motivated.

❖        To begin with, shaving your head yourself saves you around $350 a year. This saves you the hassle and the money to visit the barbershop.

❖        And it does not stop here you also end up saving a lot of money over shampoo and conditioner because now all you require is one bottle of each, which would last you for a month.

❖        Besides a clean shaved head with a well-maintained beard just puts you a notch above the regular guy with unkempt hair, which grows, in patches.

❖        The best thing about keeping it clean is that it requires no maintenance and that you can save up on a lot of time and not really worry about your hair.

All these benefits can be availed just by owning a regular Balding Clipper, which comes as handy equipment with multiple adjustable blades and can easily fit into your palm. It is very gentle on your skin and it readily gets rid of your hair on the targeted area. So keep it simple and sophistication would eventually follow, as simplicity is the best elegance that one can flaunt proudly!


No, shaving your hair off doesn’t make your hair grow back thicker. If that had been the case the remedy to the thin and dull hair would have been easy for everyone. The hair’s color, consistency and thickness are all dependent on the hair follicle, which is present below the surface of the skin called as ‘the dermis’. The more hair follicle a person has, the better will be the growth. One’s growth really depends on one’s genes, age and hormones. Studies prove that shaving does not really affect the hair color, growth, and thickness of the hair. Shaving only makes the appearance of hair thicker, which is mainly because of natural tapering at the end. The hair gets thinner as they grow.

When one shaves the hair off, the thin shaft of the hair is moved down and the thicker part of the hair stays near the skin, which makes it look thicker, which is actually not. The stubble looks fuller as the hair is cut straight and short. It even might not match the actual hair color. The complete myth can be related to the pruning of the plants. The way pruning stimulates the growth of the new branches of a plant, the same thing shaving offers to the hair. So, shaving off hair to complete baldness is not something to be scared of for this particular reason. Go ahead, experiment the new look and definitely you would make shaving a habit, as the smoothness of the scalp would never let you down.


The question of replacing the conventional razor with an electric razor always stirs up a lot of questions among people. Although the question may sound very clichéd and be asked very frequently, it has a simple answer. Yes!

It is, in fact, the most preferred option nowadays as it is a very safe and convenient option. The electric razor is easy to handle as it fits in the palm of the user and its rotary blades and flexible heads are specifically designed for bald men. The rubbery grip ensures that the razor sticks to the palm sturdily and as the hands maneuver the machine over the head very gently, it picks out each strand of hair from the head, leaving behind a shiny and flawless scalp you can proudly show off. There are electric razors, which can be charged up to give 40 minutes of cordless shaving time. These razors can easily be stretched out to the remotest corner of your head and they keep all corners of your head spick and span. There are electric razors, which work equally well for a wet or a dry shave. The chargeable ones run on a lithium-ion battery and can be used as cordless shaving razors. 


  1. How often should one oil the clipper blades? It is important to oil the clipper blades regularly to increase its life and performance. You can use 2 – 3 drops of oil to grease the blades by keeping the machine in the downward direction. Wipe off excess oil so it does not run into the motor compartment because then it may damage the motor. Blades should be oiled after cleaning with Hygienic spray. Clipper (pro or cordless) should be oiled with each use.
  2. Can the blades be aligned in the unit? Firstly, clippers with adjustable blades come aligned from the factory itself. However, if the blades come out of alignment then it is possible to put them back. They must be realigned if they have been removed for cleaning or replacement.
  3. How can a user clean trimmer blades? First of all, you must unplug the clipper and remove its attachments then hold it in your hand in the downward direction. Use a brush to rub off excess hair and a hygienic cleaning spray can be used. Re-oiling of the blades can be done. For better cleaning of the areas where there are jammed hairs, blades should be removed and cleaned. Now you may realign your blades after cleaning.
  4. Will it take much time to quit the conventional razor and adopt using this new method of shaving head? The head clippers and shavers fit quite well in hand and gradually you will get the hang of it. It is easy to run a hand over head to shave and is done naturally too. A little patience is required as it may take you three to five shaves before you become fully comfortable with the machines. Once you start feeling comfortable with it, you will see your shaving time cut dramatically and you will get a better shave.
  5. Do I need to moisturize my scalp? Yes, the baldhead needs more love and care. So ditching shampoo, conditioners, moisturizers, massages and so is a big NO-NO. Make a healthy routine to moisturize your head with non-alcoholic moisturizers, which can retain nourishment to your head. Also, different moisturizers are available in the market offering ‘matte’ and ‘glossy’ finish out of which you can choose as per your preference.
  6. Will I bleed? Does it hurt? Answering this question really depends on how you use the blades. Having cuts and nicks on the head is as common as that of shaving your facial hair. But if you follow the advice offered on the product’s package or the manual then there are fewer chances of error. Slight bleeding, irritation and redness are common with people. This is possible when the blade is not held at the right angle, or a particular portion of your scalp has been passed over too many times, or probably you pressed it too hard. No matter what the reason has been, cutting yourself is never a major concern, though. It is not even that painful, the bleeding does not last for long and heals pretty quickly. Basically, the cuts and nicks are just a reminder to be cautious next time.
  7. How often should I shave off my head? It is completely one’s own personal choice. It really depends on the factors like how much smoothness you desire for your scalp, the sensitivity of the skin and how much time and effort you want to put in for the same. Shaving for a clean and smooth bald is almost similar to the frequency of shaving off your face. The stubble will grow at almost the same pace with which hair grows on your face. Generally, people shave off after every two days. The first day, it stays smooth and shiny, while by the second-half of the second day, there is a light stubble on the head which makes them comfortable enough to shave off easily on the next day as there are fewer chances of getting cuts and nicks.

Oster Classic 76 Universal Motor Clipper

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The professional clipper is designed in a vintage style, which makes it a must-buy for men. The heavy-duty professional clipper is a durable one, which has exceptional power and offers performance as that of a professional clipper.


  • Robust, single speed universal motor for heavy duty
  • Detachable blades
  • Ultra durable with break resistant housing
  • Ultra durable power cord, stretches up to 9 feet
  • Cuts through all hair types
  • Regarded as the workhorse by experienced cutters

Reality check:

✓    It is a heavy duty professional clipper known for its robustness

✓    A tool which aces the performance and the durability test becomes necessary for every professional

✓    Its detachable blades with sizes 000 and 1 allow the users to customise their hair length and provide a greater control over the machine

✓    The mobility of this tool is also good as it comes with a 9-foot long power chord providing enough room to move around with the apparatus

✓    It comes with a blade guard, lubricating oil and a cleaning brush which eases out the cleaning process and takes care of the maintenance of the machine

✓    The heavy duty and cool running motor operates quietly and calmly

Andis Men's 5-Speed Hair Clipper Kit

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A classic design for the professional men who love to flaunt the suave look every time! The clipper comes with the various speed options for a desirable control over shaving.


  • Heavy-duty cutting
  • UltraEdge and CeramicEdge blades
  • Rotary motor for various hair densities and textures
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Weighs 2 pounds

Frankly speaking:

✓    It is a heavy duty cutting tool particularly designed for people with a regular usage of the machine

✓    It has a rotary motor which facilitates heavy duty cutting for various hair densities and textures

✓    The 5-speed option gives a greater control over the customisation of the hair

✓    It comes with a battery pack and a charger and can, therefore, be used as a cordless machine

✓    It weighs less than the traditional clippers, thereby allowing a smooth and hassle free control to the user

✓    It can work harmoniously with all UltraEdge and CeramicEdge blades

Remington HC4250 Shortcut Pro Self-Haircut Kit, Hair Trimmers, Clippers

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One of the most compact and elegant designs, and it is a cordless balding clipper which is portable enough to be carried along for any kind of professional meeting or a vacation!


  • Compact and comes in handy
  • It stands firm on the precision ground
  • Stainless steel blades ensure even cutting off the hair
  • Comes with an extra wide curved blade
  • The clipper is 100% washable
  • It comes with a lithium rechargeable battery
  • 9 length combs – cuts 1/16” – 5/8”
  • It is a complete personal grooming toolkit

To be honest:

✓    This machine is known for its comfortable handling which sticks perfectly to the palms of your hands and reaches out easily to the back of your head and neckline

✓    It ensures unmatchable precision, by giving you evenly chopped hair

✓    The extra wide curved blade gives ample scope for fast haircuts and it also follows the contours of your head for a better shaving experience

✓    The variability of the combs from 1/16” – 5/8” ensure a total control over the length of the hair

✓    The clipper comes with a lithium rechargeable battery which renders the machine cordless for a duration of 40 minutes

✓    It is a complete guide for personalized style and hair grooming

Wahl Professional 5-Star Balding Clipper

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This is one of the most demanded professional clippers, which serves the dual purpose of style and functionality. The item comes with all kinds of essential accessories for the best grooming ever.


  • Intended for professional use only
  • Sharp performance that experts demand
  • A barbershop must- have
  • Stylish and functional
  • Accessories such as the attachment combs, oil cleaning brush etc. included
  • Extremely lightweight which makes it easier to handle and operate
  • Twice the speed of pivot motor clippers
  • Great for barbers and stylists

Coming down to reality:

✓    It is an instrument for professional use only as it is the one most preferred by experts and connoisseurs of the haircutting industry

✓    It comes with an electromagnetic motor that overpowers the speed of the pivot motors

✓    It includes all the necessary accessories such as the attachment combs, oil, cleaning brush and the red blade guard

✓    It comes with a professional grade 8 feet long and resistant cord

✓    It is a very reliable and a value for money product which works for all skin types and cuts through the thickest of the hair while ensuring uniformity and the precision

✓    A product of the professional grade, it ensures an effortless shaving experience

✓    Cuts surgically close for full head balding

Andis T- Outliner Trimmer with T-Blade

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A sophisticated design that comes with ergonomic support for easy handling and control while you shave your head off.


  • The high-quality T- Blades made from carbon ensure precision
  • An instrument perfect for outlining, shaping and styling
  • Super fine teeth for close cutting
  • Powerful magnetic motors ensuring a longer shelf life of the machine
  • An ideal tool for dry shaving
  • 8-foot long cord allows plenty of room to work

The reality of it is:

✓    The Andis T- Outliner comes with a “T-shaped” blade design and a powerful motor which runs quiet and cool

✓    The T-blade is ideal for close cutting, outlining, shaping and styling.

✓    The high-quality carbon blades outlive the regular blades and they work in a coordinated sync to ensure a botch less shaving experience

✓    It fits comfortably into the hands and the professional grade 8-foot chord allows great mobility of the machine

✓    It works best for trimming beards, moustaches and working around the neck and the ears

✓    The utility of this machine has paved its way to more than 90 countries around the world

✓    The item is oiled from the factory and the cutting ability is thoroughly checked before dispatching the product to the end consumer

Wahl Color Pro Complete Hair Cutting Kit

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The comfy design that comes with a thumb support is and the stylish color combination is a trendy and cool clipper for bald head to buy.


  • Color coded combs help in identifying the hair length, allowing people to choose their desirable color
  • The carbon steel blades regulate precision and longer blade life
  • Soft touch grip for better control and comfort
  • The various combs such as the barber comb and the color guided combs make the selection of the hair length easier

The honest review:

✓    The Wahl Color pro is a complete package of professional grade to perform multifarious haircuts and grooming tasks sitting home

✓    It has a comfortable grip that allows easy handling and a smooth shaving experience

✓    The complete kit consists of the 11 colored guide combs, barber comb, scissors, cleaning brush, blade oil, clipper and the blade guard

✓     It comes with an instruction guide in both English and Spanish

✓    The self-sharpening clipper blades cut through all hair types and stay sharp longer

✓    The Wahl color pro works on the principle of the Wahl line of products; deliver efficient results at a very effective price


To put in a nutshell, shaving has become an essential part of one’s personal grooming and lifestyle and flaunting a baldhead in public is more of a style statement. It not only enhances the aura of a man but also makes him look younger and more masculine than ever. The style needs no more styling from a hairdresser and could be easily accompanied by all kinds of professional meetings, love dates, family vacation and even casual gatherings with friends and family. Using clippers for shaving head is one of the easiest, convenient and a reasonable choice that one can make to shave off the head. Real and virtual markets offer a plethora of options in this category, which are claimed to be the best balding clippers. One simply needs to look for the best head shaver depending upon his/her shaving requirements, affordability, and sensitivity of the skin. For an extra-added attention, you will need facial hair to complement your baldhead for the best features, especially if you have a lighter skin tone.