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Best Beard Oil and Top Brands Review (2021 Update)

Last Update:
October 20, 2021

Did you know that beard oil and beard grooming products gained popularity in 2013 (only a few years back from now)? Men in beard set a trend that made heads turn their way and a fair need of keeping the beard soft and skin conditioned (while taking an axe to the biggest concern-the beard itch) was felt by them. No one likes to trap dirt and bacteria knowingly and when it comes to gentlemen keeping their beards groomed, they need beard oils that are designed to soften the facial hair and help them look immaculately tamed. The beard oils are very important for the health of your whiskers as they keep the beard soft, smooth as well as shiny. An ultimate guide is here in front of you to know the best beard oil available in the market today along with beard oil reviews to suit your requirements.

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Beard Grow XL

INGREDIENTS : Completely natural non-hormonal formula PROVIDE : Faster and thicker facial hair growth Perfectly suits all ethnicities PREVENT : Beard hair fall
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Prophet and Tools Beard Oil

INGREDIENTS : Natural vitamin E oil, aloe vera oil, chamomile oil, and jojoba oil PROVIDE : Restores and protects the skin and hair follicles of the beard to grow back PREVENT : Itchiness and beard-druff
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Bay Rum Beard Oil

INGREDIENTS : Natural oils like tea tree oil, sweet almond oil, vitamin e, pure apricot oil, jojoba oil, aloe vera and some other essential oils PROVIDE : Help in conditioning, moisturizing and strengthening the precious beard hairs to promote healthy growth PREVENT : Itching, flaking and beardruff
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Grooming has become a quintessential trait for a man in this modern lifestyle. Be it a school going student, a multinational corporation employee, a business tycoon, a multi-millionaire and even a house-husband, everyone is busy in grooming themselves up with the best of professional salon style tips. No wonder the time has come when men love to flaunt a clean shaved chest with 6 packs, facial hair still has its own dignity in their eyes. The men of the ancient time had an aura, a distinctive charm and an incredible personality, all the credit goes to their well groomed beards which were comely, softer, thicker and always made everyone stop and stare, even the other men!

Beard oil is all what you can imagine by now. It is one of the most indispensable yet fashionable grooming oil, which a man needs by his side to make his beard attractive and pleasant. It is an essential to maintain facial hair and is infused with natural and organic oils. A completely natural product can be directly applied to one’s beard hair to boost the growth, to make them softer and thicker, to convert them from a scruff to a fully-grown beard. It is lightweight and clear oil with a thin texture, which is generally absorbed in by the hair. Deeply penetrating into the hair strands and hair follicles, it even rejuvenates the skin underneath the beard.


Before making a plan to invest in beard oils, one really thinks about the pricey value of the product. Yes, the oil is definitely not that affordable, but surely a long lasting one. And when one is sure of buying it, then he would really have to understand the main motive behind the purchase.

Well, why one should someone buy it is really a matter of one’s own personal choice. Possibly one of the reasons could be that he is frustrated enough with his scruff and now wants to have a masculine and fully grown beard which he could flaunt proudly. Or probably, the other reason could be to get a comely tamed and manageable beard than having just a scraggly bunch of dry hair hiding the facial features. The other funny yet an important reason could be someone wants to have a close and intimate time with his partner but fears of being pushed away due to his hard brittle facial hair. Generally speaking, every person could have his own priority of investing in beard oil, provided that the person is known to the benefits of investing it.

The men who take the grooming process seriously tend to know the difference between beard oil and beard balm and after being aware of the distinction there is a need to choose one out of them. Buying both of them or one out of two is also a dilemma for some. Beard balm is used to style, shape and condition the beard. It moisturizes the facial hair and makes it look thicker in view. The men who have thin beard must prefer beard balm with shea butter to make it look thick and it must contain proper moisturizers like jojoba and argan oil to condition the beard properly. So, for styling and conditioning the beard, beard balm is a good option to pick. On the other hand, beard oil is used as a moisturizer and conditioner that softens facial hair and keeps the skin hydrated. It reduces irritation, itching and assures healthy beard growth. Beard oil having jojoba or argan base are considered as the best moisturizers for facial hair. It has a special aroma extracted from essential oils. It is easy to use and condition facial hair, making it suitable for you to choose. The beard balm is for styling the beard whereas beard oil is to nourish the facial growth so you can choose as per your requirement but one of them is a must have in the collection for maintaining good beard.

Beard Grow XL

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❏    A dietary supplement for a faster and thicker facial hair growth

❏    Supports natural hair growth and elevates the natural pace of growing

❏    Results are seen with a few weeks

❏    Fewer chances of side-effects because of its natural non-hormonal formula

❏    It comes with a full 30-day supply

❏    Highly effective for patchy beard, sparse moustache, and slow growth

❏    Perfectly suits all ethnicities

Frankly speaking:

❏    Being a dietary supplement, it is highly mistaken for either offering no results at all or promising effective results overnight. But, the ones who stay persistent with the consumption are never disappointed.

❏    The supplements last for a month, which allows the user to try and test the results in one purchase. Also, the time period for which it works offer great value for money.

❏    The continuous intake of supplements not only promotes the growth of the beard, but also accentuates softer, thicker and easy-to-manage beard which is eventually the dream of every man.

❏    It prevents beard hair fall and makes the hair follicle stronger to help grow new hair strands. This also generates growth even in the patchy areas of the skin.

❏    Putting a few drops on palm and rubbing it on hands before application work wonders as the heat generated by hands offer more shine and great texture to the beard growth.

Prophet and Tools Beard Oil

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❏    Contains a super strong retro beard comb

❏    Contains an e-book to guide on maintenance of a manly beard

❏    Restores and protects the skin and hair follicles of the beard to grow back

❏    No stinky perfumes or unwanted intoxicated chemicals

❏    Convenient to handle and easy to use

❏    Rich in natural vitamin e oil, aloe vera oil, chamomile oil, and jojoba oil and is 100% pure

Reality check:

❏    The beard oil comes with a sturdy lion beard comb which helps maintaining the beard in an effective way. The comb could be used after the application of oil, which helps in the better penetration of the oil.

❏    The electronic book offers comprehensive information on how to apply the oil for the beginners and even throws light on the further maintenance of the fully-grown beard. Everyone always compliments the dense, healthy-looking and incredible appearance.

❏    The oil is full of rich nutrients and nourishes the facial skin from deep inside. The hair follicles are nourished to grow back to promote faster and thicker hair growth.

❏    It even rejuvenates the skin and eliminates problems like irritations and flakiness. This makes it a perfect choice even for the people with the sensitive skin.

Bay Rum Beard Oil

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❏       Comprises of natural oils like tea tree oil, sweet almond oil, vitamin e, pure apricot oil, jojoba oil, aloe vera and some other essential oils

❏       The oil is infused with an amazing bay rum scent with soothing coconut afternotes

❏       Perfect to be used on wet or dry beard hair

❏       The bottle comes along with a dropper for easy application

To be honest:

❏       The natural oils help in conditioning, moisturizing and strengthening the precious beard hairs to promote healthy growth. While the regular application helps keeping the beard shiny and healthy.

❏       The skin underneath the beard could be relieved from itching, flaking and beardruff, which eventually helps the skin to breathe and generate more growth.

❏       The nourishing oil protects the beard from the harsh sunrays and cold breezes of the winters and keeps it soft and smooth.

❏       The application of oil reduces dryness, treats the split ends and tames the beard for a better growth. It also helps in managing unruly beard, dry brittle or damaged hair.

❏       A few drops work wonders and can be used before sleeping, after a shower or even after trimming. The nourished and lustrous beard is the final result, which you can proudly flaunt.


Beard oils of the top brands have essential features that truly provide several benefits to skin, facial hair and beard growth. Many of the essential oils clear out the pores and have natural aroma, moisturizing elements and healthy vitamins to keep the skin soft. Gentlemen who tend to have beard must keep beard oil, balm or moisturizer with them for proper nourishment and conditioning of the beard growth. There are a number of beard oils available in the market with essential nutrients and vitamins and you can choose the best one as per your requirement. You can buy beard oil from supermarkets and online stores at affordable prices to style and give your beard a thicker look. Such cosmetic products groom your personality quickly and turn all heads your way on special occasions, meetings and other events where your beard will dominate your clothing accessories. Hopefully, the above mentioned best beard oil would help you have better knowledge and choose the best one while shopping. And remember! You can rely on Hairstylermag.comfind lots of different reviews and tutorial articles related to fashion and hairstyle that help you make better decisions.

The Beard Oil is worth the investment for a number of various reasons, but what feature suits whom is really dependable. Beard oil is a cologne, but with the astonishing features of doubling the hair growth, moisturizing the skin, adding a luster to the beard and most of it grooming it well.

❖       The very first advantage of beard oil is it helps grow the hair faster, thicker and stronger than ever. The application of oil penetrates deep into the skin to the hair follicles and rejuvenates the dead follicles which promote new growth. This eventually leads to filling of dry patches on the face as well as converts a scruff to a fully-grown beard in few weeks time.

❖       Professionals say that it important to treat your facial hair in the manner as you treat your head hair. This is why conditioning of the facial skin underneath the beard hair is as important as massaging and deep-conditioning your scalp and hair on the head. The best beard oil helps in moisturizing the skin, hydrates the pores well resulting in a soft and smooth texture of hair.

❖       People with sensitive skins face issues of oil-clogged pores, dryness, itchiness, flakiness, beardruff, breakouts and so on. And a masculine well-groomed beard needs to be free from all such issues. Beard oil does wonders on regular use and reduces, in fact, eliminates such issues to a great extent, resulting in a healthier and glowing skin inside.

❖       The beard oils are specially crafted with moisturizing properties, but even then are free from oily and greasy residues, which can clog pores. These are light in texture and easy to apply which do lock in moisture for the shine and luster to the hair, and even protects the skin against the climatic changes and effects. Delivering a potent dose of organic and essential nutrients is always complementary.

❖      The continuous application of beard oil will absolutely facilitate using hair cutting shears and hair clippers.

❖       Last but not least, the beard oil is meant for all the men who either have beard or not. The ones who do not get fortunate enough to begin with and the ones who have it set benchmarks for others in the category of ‘The Gentleman’. 


Results, effectiveness, and positive changes- these words are really something to count on when one plans to invest and buy beard oil. Reading the reviews of existing consumers, opinions from friends, family and colleagues, and the sales trend opinion of the brick and mortar executives- all really matter! As already said above, the results differ from person to person, depending upon one’s skin texture, one’s beard growth, one’s way of usage and various other factors. But one thing is sure that it really works!

Patience, persistence and determination are the three key factors, which offer positive results, and make the product really works. The ones who expect miracles overnight are always left dissatisfied, no matter how expensive and popular their oil is. But the ones who do not lose hope and make it a habit do see results, which they swear for.



A high-quality item is generally pricey. But the fact is everyone needs the same quality but affordable power comes in between. The market has a plethora of options for beard oil, ranging from low to high, but it always comes out to be cheaper to build your own rather to buy off the shelf. The beard oils are no different in this respect. Here you are the best beard oil recipe:

Step 1:- To start preparing beard oil at home, grab a few items beforehand:

ü  1oz bottles

ü  Mini measuring cup or shot glass

ü  Small funnel

ü  Carrier oils

ü  Essential oils

Making beard oil at home won’t find reasonable in the beginning, but once you see the final product and start applying it, you would find that the investment returns you more than its real value. The carrier and essential oils are a bit pricey, but worth their quality and value, so please don’t hesitate to compromise them if you long for effective results.

Carrier oils are the base of beard oil, these are used to dilute essential oils to make them more palatable for the skin. A variety of carrier oils are offered in the market like coconut oil, argan oil, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil and so on. These have a faint scent and could be selected on the basis of availability.

The Essential oils are extracted out of seeds, stems, flowers and other parts of a plant. These are the most organic in nature and are really effective for skin. The main function of the essential oils in beard oil is to add fragrance and offer health benefits to the beard hair and skin. The common essential oils are tea tree oil, Cedar wood oil, Eucalyptus oil, amla oil, vitamin E oil and so on.

Step 2:- Now comes the real time to start preparing your own hand-made beard oil. To prepare 1oz bottle of oil, mix carrier oils in equal proportions in a shot glass or measuring cup, depending on the number of carrier oils you wish to use. A perfect concoction or single carrier oil, either of these can be used depending upon the fragrance, the associated health benefits, as well as skin suitability.

Step 3:- Then using the small funnel, pour down the carrier oil into the 1oz bottle. Add a few drops of essential oil to it, again depending on the health and suitability factors. A total of 8-10 essential oil drops are enough for a 1oz bottle.

Step 4:- The beard oil is all set to be used, just needs a perfect mix. Shake the bottle well before applying and enjoy the benefits of a healthy-looking and a well-groomed beard.

Making the beard oil at home is quite an easy task. The oils could be used time and again to create more 1oz bottles, which could be either gifted to bearded family and friends for Thanksgiving or Christmas or could be made for one’s owns self for a lifetime. 


The application of beard oil is simple and easy. All you need to do is, put two to three drops of it on the palm and then spread it evenly on face to distribute it equally. Massage with it for a few minutes to keep the facial hair moisturized. The best time to use beard oil is after a hot shower when your facial hair are properly cleansed. At this time, oil gets easily absorbed into the roots and pores of skin, keeping beard soft and healthy.


According to doctors, beard oil can be used just once or more than once in a day. It also depends on the number of times you take a shower. The real need of using beard oil arises when you see dullness on facial hair or fall of hair. On the top of that, you need to consider applying beard oil every time you visit a barber, even if he uses a thinning scissors or pro-clipper. Even if you skin if getting itchy, dry and beard is getting thicker then you must start using the best beard oil to keep it clean and healthy. 


Coconut oil has special health properties and is easy to absorb. This oil is used for making the beard softer like other beard oils do. This excellent oil penetrates into the skin effectively and conditions the beard properly, keeping facial hair healthy and soft. It also revitalizes beard growth, makes it look shiny and styled. Apart from these benefits, it hydrates the skin, cleanses the skin and reduces facial hair damage.

Coconut oil has high melting point and found in solid form so it needs to be melted first before applying on the skin. Take few drops and apply it using your finger by rubbing for a few seconds to melt the oil again. A gentle massage on the roots of beard will help you moisturize it well, keeping your beard growth healthy.


  • Carrier Oils

Essential oils are diluted to form carrier oils, which carry an essential oil to the skin. Carrier oils can be applied to the skin and also these have fragrance and therapeutic features of essential oils. Carrier oil gives nourishment and strength to hair and skin by acting as a medium to carry essential oil, which is diluted.

  • Essential Oils

Essential oils have same fragrance of the plants as they have the real aroma. This oil is a concentrated volatile compound. This is extracted and distilled from botanical plants, leaves, barks and roots that have aroma in them. Beard oil gets aroma from this oil though it does not provide any benefits to health like the carrier oils. Among the most preferred skin care oils, some are mentioned below with their features so that men can grow an awesome beard and smell amazing.

Jojoba oil for beard:

It is extracted from jojoba plant’s seeds (Simmondsia Chinensis), which are found in southwestern United States and northern Mexico. It is similar to sebum, one of the natural body oils and resembles to its structure as well. Face and beard quickly absorbs this oil and is one of the most famous carrier oils. For better nourishment of skin and hair, essential elements like vitamins and minerals are needed. This oil is rich in vitamin B, E, D and zinc, keeping it extremely safe to use. It does not allergy to the skin and pores will also remain open after applying this oil.

Argan oil for beard:

It is native to Morocco and is extracted from the kernels of the Argan tree. The people of Morocco use this special oil in many ways from applying it on the skin and hair to dipping bread in it and sprinkling it on Italian edibles. It is popular as a cosmetic product as it is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, Omega-6 fatty acids and linoleic acid. Its production will be significantly hiked by the year 2020 as said by the Moroccan government. This oil easily soothes the razor bumps and burns caused after shaving. If this oil is applied at night time before falling asleep, it acts as a great moisturizer to the skin, fights acne, softens cracked lips and conditions hair too.

Amla oil for beard:

This oil is well known for improving hair condition and strengthening the follicles. Amla oil can be used for growing the facial hair faster. You can use this oil directly on your skin where there is a need to have facial hair. Better results can be observed if you apply it before going to sleep. Later in the morning, you can rinse it while taking a shower. In addition to this, you can make a paste of amla powder and amla oil and apply it on face where you need facial hair to grow. The ratio of amla powder can be kept double than that of amla oil to make the blend thick and more oil can be added to the same as per the requirement. After applying it on face, you need to leave it for half an hour before rinsing it properly with water. This keeps the hair conditioned and well moisturized after regular use.

Vitamin E oil for beard:

This oil is produced directly through the process of distillation from oils like soy, corn, or canola. It has been used for skin and hair care but with the passage of time and commercialization of newer products this oil is used less. It helps in promoting collagen and production of elastin, as it is a nutrient and antioxidant. Vitamin E oil is also used to treat sunburns, moisturize cracked lips and strengthen hair growth.