Best Hair Cutting Shears Reviews – (Ultimate Guide 2019)

Whether you just need to trim up your latest haircut at home to make sure you look your best, or you’re opening your very own shop with hopes of styling hair professionally, you’ll want to be sure you have only the top hair cutting shears on hand. No one wants the results of a dull, overused or unprofessional pair of cutting shears – a bad haircut. Don’t let your hair cutting shears stand between you and a great haircut or a great client base. Kick your hair styling game up a notch by only having the best on hand. Check out our hair cutting shear reviews below. We’ve only compiled the top, tried and true products available, so you can be sure you’re only using the best hair cutting shears on the market today. No matter your needs or experience, you’re sure to find a pair below that will perfectly fit your requirements as an amateur or professional stylist. 


Best Hair Cutting Shears Reviews – (Ultimate Guide 2019)

A best-selling pair of hair cutting shears, the barber hair cutting scissors in the Equinox Professional Razor Edge series have received amazing reviews. The premium product, coming in at six and a half inches in overall length, with a fine tension screw and made of Japanese stainless steel, is one of the best shears when it comes to both home and professional usage. The duality of these particular tools makes them perfect for whatever type of styling task you’re up against. Plus, they rarely ever need sharpened, meaning less work for you!

One of the best features this pair of shears offers is the Japanese stainless steel material. The sleek, sharp design makes it easy to cut quickly and without mess, as the material resists any hair build up, like what can occur between the blades of the average pair of scissors. Be sure to store them in the leather case that comes along with the product, however, feel free to toss the insertable finger cushions. While the majority of this product is amazing, this is one Equinox offering you won’t want – the finger cushions are cheap and ill fitting. The only other thing to consider? The less pointed ends mean less geometric cuts, but can also mean greater safety when it comes to trimming children or pets. As always, consider your personal use before buying a product.

Best Hair Cutting Shears Reviews – (Ultimate Guide 2019)

For barbers, men’s hair stylists or just men who’d like to trim their hair up on their own at home, Barber’s Choice Professional Hair Shears can be one of the best hair cutting shears available. Shipped in a stylish, masculine case, the shears, made with 420 Japanese stainless steel, come with a complimentary black comb for easy male styling at the drop of a hat. The design fits every hand easily, and the ergonomic feature means that you won’t experience hand, wrist or arm strain, no matter how much you use your hair cutting shears. To back up the high praises many buyers give this product, the manufacturer even offers a lifetime guarantee, so there’s no need to worry about dullness or breakage. If anything happens, you can get them replaced, with no cost to you. Decide to buy and don’t like them? You can return the shears within a month and get your money back.

As every product is made to fit a certain audience, so are these, and we’d be lying if we didn’t admit they’re made more for male hairstyles and barbershop work than anything else. The blade is primarily designed the way it is to provide close trims, cuts and fades.

Best Hair Cutting Shears Reviews – (Ultimate Guide 2019)

Looking for the best hair cutting shears for cosmetic students, dog groomers or home use? These are definitely the ones you’re looking for. Created to be both sharp, yet safe, the high-quality, six-inch shears with convex edges for added caution retain their skill, while keeping beginners from making any mistakes!

Developed by Mosher Salon Tools, they come with a complimentary leather case for traveling, as well as a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. You don’t like them, you can return them. The company has been producing hair styling tools for more than 20 years, though, and they seem to know their stuff.

The one complaint? For some buyers, the total length of the scissors, at more than eight inches, can be a bit too long, and the finger openings may be a tad too small for those with fingers of a wider girth. These simply don’t have the same ergonomic design as some of the others we’ve covered in our hair cutting shear reviews, which means your hand won’t be as comfortable using these over the long term, especially if you’re cutting quite a lot of hair in a short amount of time. However, if you’re buying them for a learner or novice, they should do the trick just fine.

Best Hair Cutting Shears Reviews – (Ultimate Guide 2019)

If you’re looking for class and style, these are the best hair cutting shears for you. Elegantly crafted with added design in the finger openings and a lovely gold on silver look, if hair cutting shears were in a beauty contest all by themselves, this pair would win.

With convex razor-sharp blades, you can easily cut through hair in a snap, with no movement and easy precision. The blades are formed from Japanese J2 420 stainless steel, forged from a single piece, rather than pieced together. The gold plating isn’t all pretty – it’s actually functional, too, and acts as the adjustment knob to set the shears to the right tension level for you. The ergonomic design means you’ll be pain-free as well.

Both the looks and the performance will last forever, but just in case you don’t want to take your chances, you can take advantage of the manufacturer’s lifetime warranty, which will gladly replace your hair cutting shears in the event that they break due to a manufacturing defect. However, if you decide you just don’t like them, you can also return them within 60 days of receiving them, with no questions asked.

Best Hair Cutting Shears Reviews – (Ultimate Guide 2019)

These six-inch hair cutting shears are both comfortable in the hand and have the sharpness you look for in a quality blade. The shears themselves are made of cobalt molybdenum, which is just a complicated way of saying the blades stay sharp up to five times longer than stainless steel blades that you’ll find on comparable shears. With American-made quality and the added touches and extra thought put into this product, you can be sure that you’re using the top hair cutting shears for those working in a high volume atmosphere. No matter how many customers you’re dealing with, or how many styles you serve up, this particular pair of shears will stay true. Many buyers even admit, these quality-conscious shears are a much better option than some of the high-grade shears they’ve used in the past.

Another great aspect about these shears, beside the long-lasting durability? The way the shears are created, with only a weight of 1.4 ounces, means less strain on your fingers, arms and shoulders. We know that professional stylists dealing with a high volume of appointments can soon start to experience pain from the constant repetitive motion that comes with cutting hair. These shears eliminate that problem, so you can rest easy.

Best Hair Cutting Shears Reviews – (Ultimate Guide 2019)

Wow, that’s a mouthful! Despite the long description these hair cutting shears have earned themselves, the delightfully cute and small design means they’re perfect for tiny hands, fingers and jobs! Just because they’re cute and small, though, doesn’t mean you should doubt their power! No, these hair cutting shears created form Japanese stainless steel are just as sharp as ever. Silver with engraved handles and red accents, these would look perfect on a styling vanity, especially for the female home stylist. If you’re worried about them being too small, do keep in mind that the tension nut does come apart and you can remove the rings for added room in the finger openings.

Despite all this, though, there are a few things to consider. For one, these shears are only available for right-handed individuals. Also, keep in mind that these are very sharp blades, which may intimidate some home stylists. While not recommended for novices, though, they are great for those professional stylists who do a little work at home as well. Again, these don’t offer the ergonomic features that allow easy wrist and hand movement, so they’re best used in short timeframes.


If you’ve read through our expert and thoroughly researched hair cutting shear reviews already, then it’s safe to assume that you’re in the market for a pair of hair cutting shears. Just because you’ve read all of the above, though, doesn’t mean that you’re ready to order your first pair. Before making a quick decision, it’s important to consider a few key elements regarding your lifestyle and work, so you can decide on the which hair cutting shears is right for you. Taking just a few things into consideration can mean the difference between a regrettable purchase and one that you’ll treasure for a lifetime. 


First, it’s really important to consider your level of skill, and you need to really be honest with yourself. Are you actually as good a hair stylist as you think? Do people come to you regularly for tips, appointments and assistance? Do you ever have hair styling ‘accidents?’ Are you a beginner and novice, or have you been cutting and styling hair for years? Answer all of these questions regarding your particular set of skills before even thinking about purchasing a pair of hair cutting shears. These answers will greatly determine exactly the kind you need to buy, whether you need to stick with a beginner’s pair or with something a bit more high end. Even with the hair clippers it’s a delicate task to cut hair. You can find more on hair clippers vs hair cutting shears on this link.


This brings us to safety. If you’re a novice hair stylist, you may be shaking your head and scoffing. How, you ask, could you possibly be unsafe while styling? It’s actually quite easy, and any experience hair stylist can tell you the same. Pick up a pair of too-sharp, or even too-dull, scissors and start cutting away, and you’re going to end up with some unsightly cuts at some point. While you may be fine with that, your clients certainly won’t be, and it will greatly diminish your reputation as a stylist. This is why it’s so important to pick the most suitable hair cutting shears according to your skill level. Picking up a pair especially built for novices, with safety in mind, can keep you from unfortunately nicking your willing guinea pigs.


All of that said, you then need to think about who your client is, if you do have a client base built up. Do you mostly cut children’s hair? Then you’ll want something without a sharp point. The same thing goes if you mostly cut pet hair. You never know when a small child or a pet will make a sudden move, and you don’t want that move to be right into the sharp edge of a Japanese stainless steel pair of hair cutting shears. Also, some hair cutting shears are built more for men’s hair cuts, or women’s pixie cuts. In that case, you’ll want something that can work great with fades and close trims. Likewise, you’ll want a different pair if you mainly cut women’s hair. You’ll want a blade that can cut lots of thick, long hair, over and over, with ease and without growing dull. 


Do you cut for long periods of time, all day long? Or do you only cut hair on occasion, when someone in your family needs it? If you’re cutting hair on a daily basis, you’ll most definitely want to look for something that comes with an ergonomic design, created with hand, wrist, elbow and arm comfort in mind. If you’re just a beginner or a cosmetic student, you may not have had experience with this yet, but trust an experienced hair stylist when they tell you – working with an uncomfortable pair of shears for hours at a time can kill your hands, leaving you stiff, cramping and in pain.


When you’ve considered everything in regards to your lifestyle, your career or lack of a career as a hair stylist and you think you’ve decided on the qualities you’re looking for in the hair cutting shears, it’s time to do a little research. You want to be sure that you’re only buying the best of the best. Luckily for you, we have all of the best of the best in one easy place, and you can peruse the hair cutting shear reviews above at your leisure. Using the qualities you’ve decided are most important to you, look through the reviews to determine which pair of hair cutting shears we highly recommend are right for you. Think you’ve found the one? Great!


Once you’ve settled on what you feel is the right choice, it’s time to place your order. However, don’t let that be the end of the story. Once your beloved hair cutting shears have reached your doorstep, you’ll want to examine them right away to be sure you don’t need to take advantage of one of the many available lifetime warranties that these qualified brands offer. As great as their products are, they don’t control the postal service and sometimes, unfortunately, the postal service isn’t too great handling the products it delivers. So, open up your box and take a gander. Are all of the pieces you ordered present? Is everything in one piece? Nothing broken? Take the hair cutting shears for a quick test run. How do they feel in your hand? Are you impressed with their high quality and superiority?

Don’t let inexperience, a lack of knowledge or indecision stand in your way of purchasing the perfect hair cutting shears for yourself. If you truly know your skill, your client and your needs, you’ll be able to make an educated decision on what exactly will fit your needs, and then make the right purchase. Now that you know the best tips and tricks for making the right hair cutting shear buying decision, be sure to read over our hair cutting shear reviews.


If you’ve made it this far, you know everything about hair cutting shears and how to buy one. What are you waiting for? Whether you’re a novice, a professional, a student or just a family member wanting to give the kids a quick trim, the right pair of hair cutting shears can make all the different. Don’t settle for low-quality, dull, cheap hair cutting shears that constantly need sharpening or that are a literal pain to work with. Only choose the best hair cutting shears for your task at hand, and we know that you’ll love the result!