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Maybe you’re a novice hair stylist, just trying to increase your skill and possibly earn some cash from your hobby. Maybe you’ve just opened your first barbershop or salon, and want to be sure that you’re only providing the best services for your clients. Maybe you’re a veteran stylist with plenty of experience under your belt. Regardless of your skill level, preferences or how long you’ve been working with men’s or women’s hairstyles, one thing is the same across the board. Every stylist knows that one of the biggest parts of creating a great look is doing so with the right tools. At the very basis of all the tools in your arsenal are, of course, your scissors, and the various blades you use to sculpt the perfect style. Don’t settle for a mediocre pair; instead, go for only the best hair thinning scissors on the market. Not sure what you’re looking for? Our hair thinning scissors reviews will let you in on only the best out there, so you can make a smart, qualified purchase. Think you know better? Think again! Keep reading to find out how you can up your styling game with the right pair.

Hair Thinning Scissors – (Buying Guide 2019)

The best hair thinning scissors are, of course, not simply just for cutting hair. A great pair will be amazing at actually adding texture, layers and depth to a hairstyle that desperately needs an upgrade. This is actually a great beginner’s pair of hair thinning scissors, thanks to their ease of use and straightforward options. The Japanese stainless steel blades and edges (which have been sharpened by hand) work professionally to cut without any annoying pulling or slipping. The 6.5-inch length is also a good size for beginners, not too big and not too small. The size also fits a multitude of hands, and this pair comes with insert size adjusters, so you can determine what grip works best for you. They weigh just under five ounces, so a nice, easy weight to ensure that your hand doesn’t cramp or get too tired. If you do decide, however, that these aren’t the best hair thinning scissors for you, you can easily return them up to 30 days after purchase, and the manufacturer will give you your money back. You won’t be tied down to a pair of scissors you hate, and you’ll be working with a pair sure to be perfect for beginners just learning the ropes of styling. What more could you want?

Hair Thinning Scissors – (Buying Guide 2019)

These hair thinning scissors also come in at about 6.5 inches in length, so also a really comfortable size for most hands. If you need a little more adjustment, rubber handle inserts are included, so you can fit the scissors perfectly for particularly slender fingers. However, the inserts aren’t the prettiest and are a little tacky, what with their cheap glitter design that seems a bit more welcome several decades ago. However, the adjustability is unrivaled. Made entirely from stainless steel and gold plating, these scissors are in it for the long haul, made for those stylists who want a pair of thinning scissors that can stand up to a lot of work, without dulling, breaking or losing their value. The convex hollow ground blades are kept securely in a leather case when you’re not working, specially made to preserve them even longer. However, you may find that this particular pair keeps you to your trade even more than normal; they’re such a joy to use! You’ll find that, as they stand up to time and wear, these are the best hair thinning scissors for those looking to cut a high volume of styles.

Hair Thinning Scissors – (Buying Guide 2019)

With a gold and silver design, at first glance, these hair thinning scissors are automatically perfect for the professional who wants to be taken seriously. The adjustment screw is easy to maneuver, and the stainless steel razor blades are equally easy when it comes to cutting and styling hair without pulling or tugging, making your overall work easier. With a comfortable, ergonomic design and a stylish look, you can’t go wrong! With a 6.5-inch length and a shipping weight of less than two ounces, you won’t believe how light these scissors feel in your hands. These are some of the best hair thinning scissors for professionals for so many more reasons, though. Users rave unanimously over their perks and benefits, from the time they arrive in the mail, far past when other pairs have lost their edge. The design perfectly marries style and function, to create a useful hair styling tool that you’ll reach for again and again. No matter what kind of hair you’re cutting – thick, thin, oily, dry, wet or even synthetic – these are up to the task. Extremely sharp, you’ll only want deft, adept hands wielding this pair – do you think you have what it takes?

Hair Thinning Scissors – (Buying Guide 2019)

Made from high quality and extremely durable Japanese stainless steel, and coming in a fashionable leather scissor case, these simple and straight to the point hair thinning scissors arrive at your doorstep in as little as three weeks. While these hair thinning scissors are most certainly of a good quality, they are most well suited to the less serious, fewer usage stylists, and those who are mostly styling at home. The manufacturer warns not to adjust the screw yourself, as it has already been screwed for maximum effectiveness. Also, they warn to keep the blades away from any materials other than hair. All in all, they provide quite a lot of instruction for the novice stylist, who may not be familiar with the proper care and handling of a professional set of hair thinning scissors. Every single pair of hair thinning scissors is tested ahead of shipment, so you can be sure that the same pair you receive is great for the project you have in mind. Then, if you decide you don’t like it, you can return it up to a week after receiving, and they’ll send you a full refund.

Hair Thinning Scissors – (Buying Guide 2019)

Add a high quality look and finish to all of your styles when you buy and use these professional, Japanese stainless steel hair thinning scissors. With a great build that is both resistant to rust and any discoloring, if you take care of these hair thinning scissors and always remember to place them in their leather pouch, you’ll find that they’ll last for years to come. These are one of the best hair thinning scissors for complex cuts and hardcore styling, when you’ve got a look that you really want to nail, but that you just can’t quite get yet. With a comfortable grip, including silicon finger rings, you can cut for long periods of time, without hand cramps or discomfort in the elbow, wrist or arm. The professional blade cuts with razor precision and can layer, sculpt and style with complete ease, creating a variety of hairstyles, both for men and for women. Available at a length of 8.7 inches and weighing just under 6 ounces, you’ll find that these are truly a professional pair, and will go along great with your other salon tools.

Hair Thinning Scissors – (Buying Guide 2019)

These super heavy duty hair thinning scissors are simply the best hair thinning scissors when it comes to thick, coarse, heavy hair. Built to give the stylist the most control and ease of mobility, they are needed for any serious stylist who works with a multitude of hair types and styles, both men and women. Their versatility is also a needed addition to any work kit. You’ll enjoy free lifetime sharpening along with your purchase, meaning these are truly a great deal for any stylists looking to stay in a budget, while obtaining the best tools. Coming it at eight inches and weighing less than two and a half ounces, these scissors are light, so that you can cut away to your heart’s content, without discomfort or pain, but still have the length and reach of a professional pair of scissors. The teeth width allows for a thicker cut, and can really get into dense hairstyles that may not be affected by a smaller pair of scissors as well. Even on individuals with hair of a medium thickness, these work great to thin up the ends or round out a new hairstyle. Overall, a great pair of hair thinning scissors for thick, unruly hair.


So you’ve taken a look at our hair thinning scissors review and think you’ve made a decision? Not so fast! You’ll want to take quite a few factors into consideration before you just leap into the buying stage. For each of our product reviews, we create a buying guide to help you determine the best purchase, saving you time, money and energy. We only compile the best, but it can still be difficult choosing between the handful we’ve presented above. Before placing your order, think about not only what you think you’ll be using your hair thinning scissors for, but also how often you’ll be using them, on what kinds of hair and how much experience you yourself have with cutting and styling. All of these different aspects (and more!) can determine the type of hair thinning scissors you buy.


Firstly, you’ll want to consider the main question – do you even really need a pair of hair thinning scissors? Not just hair cutting shears or your average pair of trimming scissors, hair thinning scissors are specifically for thinning out hair, whether because it’s thick, or just because the hairstyle calls for it. Don’t buy a pair of hair thinning scissors, thinking that you’ll use them for all of your styling needs. These are not the right tool for that. Instead, think of hair thinning scissors more of as an additional tool to add to your arsenal of hair styling weapons. They are just one small piece of a great stylist’s toolbox. If you buy them and then try to make them fit every need you have, you’ll be sorely disappointed. However, if you use them for just the task they were created for, you’ll be happily pleased.


Another important thing to consider when buying a pair of hair thinning scissors is size, of both your hands and your scissors. You definitely don’t want to purchase a pair of scissors that are too long for your grip, or too short for your job, just like you don’t want to purchase a pair of scissors that have finger holes too small for your fingers, or too large. Either of these can cause problems when you begin to use your pair of scissors. You’ll soon experience hand cramps and pain, as well as the same in your elbow, arm, and shoulder. If you spend a lot of your time styling, then you know this won’t be a good thing. A poor fit also can mean potential danger for yourself and your clients. Without a good fit, one slip and your blades can easily knick skin or fall off your hands, potentially injuring one of you. In all of our hair thinning scissors reviews above, you can see how each pair’s fit is ranked, and whether or not anything particularly stands out.


Then, think about the types of hair you’ll be cutting. You’ll find, if you look through many hair thinning scissors reviews, that most all pairs look generally the same, and one side of the blade has teeth coming out, which are used for the actual thinning process. Look carefully at these teeth and the width between them. This width determines what kind of cut you’ll develop and also what kind of hair they pair well with. For example, most thick, coarse or unruly hair pairs well with scissors that have a wide set line of teeth. This way, the teeth can get in between all of the thickness, tangles and other obstacles. This is also the perfect width for animal hair, if you happen to be doing any styling on dogs, particularly those with very long hair. Likewise, the width works great for synthetic hair, like what you’d find on wigs. On the opposite side of the spectrum, you’ll want a pair of hair thinning scissors with teeth set very close together for styling on children and those with extremely thin hair to begin with. When you’re working with these, you’ll know it! You hardly ever need to use thinning scissors in these instances, but sometimes you’ll find it useful to acquire the desired style.


Something else to take into consideration, which some may think isn’t that important, but others still will, is style. We’re not talking about style as in all of the styles you’ll be creating with your new pair of hair thinning scissors, but instead the style of the scissors themselves. Each pair comes with its own look, no matter how similar they all may be in function. Color, metal, inserts and more all add to the overall look of the scissors. If you work out of your home and want to be taken seriously as a stylist, this can really be something you want to consider. While we favor the gold and silver looks that add a lot of class to your work station, others prefer something more simple and understated. We do recommend you stay away from any rubbery inserts that incorporate glitter into their design. Most of our hair thinning scissors reviews above will tell you what to expect when you open that box to your new pair of thinning scissors.


Speaking of opening that brand new box in the mail, you should more than likely take a good look at the manufacturer’s guarantees. It’s important that a manufacturer stands by their products and this can usually be seen in what kind of offer the manufacturer will give you in regards to any warranties, guarantees and returns. Some will allow you to return an item no matter what, just because you don’t happen to think it works that well. Others only allow you to return a product if it’s broken or if it was somehow damaged during transit. Some, instead of offering a lenient return policy, will offer you free sharpening for the life of the product, or free replacements. Think about what kind of guarantee or offer would benefit you most, and then go with that seller. After all, if you can’t trust your manufacturer, how can you trust their product?


We hope you’ve had a chance to peruse our hair thinning scissors reviews to determine the best hair thinning scissors for you. These are some of the best products on the market, as we only compile the best of the best for our readers. Whatever you need a great pair of hair thinning scissors for, you can find something to fit your style, needs, demands and budget. All you have to do is know where to look! Use our handy buying guide to choose a pair, taking all of the important aspects into consideration – even some you probably wouldn’t consider. With the right tools in hand, you’re well on your way to becoming the successful stylist you want to be. Hair Styler Mag