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The electric clipper has been a barber’s best friend for almost a century and is still his most important tool. If you’re a hair professional interested in the most appropriate tools for your trade then you’re in luck, our list of the best professional clippers is filled with the most relevant things you need to know about the best barber clippers on the market.

Unlike personal grooming, a barber needs to know that he can rely on his tool, not just for the occasional haircut for himself, but rather for any and every hair type, all the way through the day, day after day.  For this reason, it’s especially important and will save you money to make the right choice with your purchase.

Wahl Pro Lithium Cord/Cordless Hair Clipper 8546
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Best Hair Clippers For Barbers & Professionals (Reviews 2019)

The Wahl Pro 8546 is the first ever personal grooming product to utilise a lithium ion battery which is now used industry-wide for professional models. As you might expect this means that the battery is state of the art, and it’s fully charged in only 45 minutes.

In addition to this, it also features a quick charge feature, giving you around 12 minutes of use (enough for a single use) in only 15 minutes. 

The casing is sleek, yet heavy weight and the overall design is very premium. The front display has 4 LED lights so that you know when to plug in for charge.

This model uses a powerful rotary motor capable of chomping through forest like hair. As you might expect the price is a little jump from the cheapest items, but with all the features this offers the price is really reasonable and makes them a great choice for someone looking for the best performance at work.

This Wahl model marks a step in the history of the evolution of personal and professional hair grooming and is highly recommended.

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Andis 63100 Variable Speed Hair Clipper Kit
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Best Hair Clippers For Barbers & Professionals (Reviews 2019)

The 63100 or BGR+ is a lovely powerful little unit from Andis. It can be used corded or cordless, making it a great option for the indecisive folks out there, though bear in mind it doesn’t come ready for cordless use.

If you do wish to use it cordless you must purchase a battery pack from Andis (they’re not too dear). If however, you prefer to use a cable, that’s great, and the tangle-free bar makes a great addition to this model.
The battery pack options is highly recommended though, and is certainly worth a try if you haven’t yet.

All of the features of the BGR+ are state of the art, and this is one of the most desirable products on the market. 

One final thing I’d like to point out is the design of this model. Andis are renowned for making the most visually attractive, luxury clippers on the market, which will be right at home at high-end salons.

Like all of the Andis BGR range the BGR+ comes in all black in a gorgeous, elegant, lightweight yet heavy duty design which makes for a fantastic, premium, and long lasting set of clippers.

Oster 76 Outlaw 2-Speed Turbo Boost Professional Hair Salon Clipper
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Best Hair Clippers For Barbers & Professionals (Reviews 2019)

The Oster 76 Outlaw is a new development to the classic 76 range. The Classic 76 is known as a very heavy duty clipper, it is also fairly big, heavy, and generally bulky, and may be tricky for some to use. The Outlaw seems to go a different direction for the brand.

This model is slim, sleek, and lightweight, but without compromising on the powerful rotary motor that the classic 76 uses, making the outlaw a deadly combination. 

There are five different speed settings depending on the hair type you’re cutting, and features a turbo boost setting for the trickiest cuts.

Plus the price on the Oster Outlaw comes in considerably lower than their older models, which is great. We looked into the reason for the price difference and found that the only difference is that this model is manufactured in China, and not the U.S.

Don’t let this worry you though, the technology that goes into the Oster Outlaw is the finest, and these clippers are definitely made to last.

MOSER LI+PRO 1884 Professional Cordless Hair Clipper
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Best Hair Clippers For Barbers & Professionals (Reviews 2019)

The Moser LI+Pro is made in a sleek, lightweight, ergonomic design for maximum comfort and easy use. It certainly isn’t fragile though, the ultra heavy duty build is manufactured in Germany, known for their long lasting, reliable engineering.

There is an integrated system for different hair lengths, catering from lengths of 0.7 to 3 mm’s, using the stainless steel German blades.

The battery is excellent on this model, with a quick charge option that gives you over an hour of cordless use after 45 minutes of charge. It isn’t quite what some lithium ion models offer, but is still pretty impressive.


The display on the front panel indicated the battery charge, but also when the blade needs to be oiled, which is handy.

If you like clippers with lots of state of the gadgetry then this model from Moser is a great professional choice, or for premium home grooming.

Wahl Professional 8500 Senior Premium Clipper
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Best Hair Clippers For Barbers & Professionals (Reviews 2019)

The Wahl Pro 8500 Senior is perhaps the most iconic hair clipper ever made, and still sits at the top of the chart for best hair clippers.

This model is corded, and boasts their most powerful rotary motor cutting system for dealing with an array of hair types, and with the stamina to cut all day without slowing. Also the cord is extra long, making it handy for use at work, or if you prefer to cut hair outdoors.

The casing is built to take on all the daily roughness they might expect to take as a barber’s weapon of choice, and it’s also made in an ergonomic shape for easy grip and use all day, and from any angle. The grip is also rubberized to prevent slips and drops.

Finally, the price of these clippers sits quite a bit lower than comparable models, and it has to be said that whatever you intend to use them for (even balding style), the Senior will not disappoint and is exceptional for value for money.


Top Hair Clippers For Men

Oster 76076-011 Classic 76 in Limited Edition
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Best Hair Clippers For Barbers & Professionals (Reviews 2019)

As you may or may not know, the Oster 76 Classic is somewhat iconic in the hair industry. For years they’ve maintained the reputation for being one of the most reliable, powerful, and consistent clippers on the market. They’re made in the U.S, where they have a particularly strong following.

The design is so classic that many people probably recognize them at first glance as what hair clippers should look like, and this can’t be a bad thing. They also look particularly charming in this Limited Edition pink.

This said they’re certainly not the most light-weight on the market, and might be larger than what you’re used to holding.

However, for the power they pack it might be worth the size and weight difference. Of all the clippers on the market, if there is one said to cut through all hair types with the same ease, it’s the “Cadillac of clippers”, the Oster 76 classic.

Panasonic Professional ER 1611 Clipper
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Best Hair Clippers For Barbers & Professionals (Reviews 2019)

This model from Panasonic ER 1611 is perfect for personal home grooming, and comes in an ultra compact, lightweight design. It comes in black with grey, with a rubber grip and ergonomic design for easy handling.
On the front panel you find a dial for adjusting cutting length, which is the most unique feature about the appearance of the ER 1611 clipper, and is handy if you’re not used to switching blade guides constantly, and for fades.

The price isn’t the lowest, but this model is designed to be suitable for professional use, and offers a great deal which those similar priced models don’t, including one of the most powerful motors available, with over 10,000 rotations per minute.

The battery life is also very impressive for the size, lasting almost an hour. Though this said it isn’t quite up to the standard of lithium ion options.

The Panasonic ER 1611 is a great option for those looking for a professional standard model, which falls below the normal price you’d expect to pay for a professional tool. The standard is high, but the price is pretty reasonable if you’re looking for a long-term clipper investment. This said, cheaper options are certainly available.

BaByliss Pro X2 Volare Professional Ferrari Clipper
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Best Hair Clippers For Barbers & Professionals (Reviews 2019)

The BaByliss Volare Ferrari Clipper is another option boasting a really powerful motor, or should I say engine…

The engine was designed by Ferrari to be particularly effective for all day use, and for effortlessly trimming through very thick hair. If in the past you’ve been disappointed by clippers that fail to do away with your hair because it’s too thick, this model certainly won’t disappoint.

The battery is different to most on the market. You might find several examples of lithium-ion batteries, but this one uses a lithium-polymer battery to give almost 3 hours of nonstop use, making it perhaps the most impressive for single battery use.

If you’re looking for a top of the range product, with a great battery life, and a heavy duty motor, then this is really an ideal model.

If however, you’re quite happy that a clipper is a clipper, and wouldn’t mind using a more basic model, you’ll be able to save some money by avoiding this one.

Andis BGR+ Detachable Ceramic Blade Clipper
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Best Hair Clippers For Barbers & Professionals (Reviews 2019)

This model from Andis BGR+ is absolutely state of the art, and has everything a professional hair clipper should to withstand long, daily use.

The blades that come with the BGR+ are ceramic, making them super resilient to overheating. Ceramic is a poor insulator of heat, and this means you can use these blades at full power all day without worrying about overheating.

The design is very sleek, in all black, and it’s very durable yet attractive. The handle is an ergonomic design meaning that even after all day use, this should be comfortable to hold and use from all angles.

If you’re thinking about using this model for personal grooming at home, then do not doubt, this clipper is more than up to your personal tasks. For a hairdresser the same can be said, the BGR range are renowned for being some of the finest clippers in the industry, and their heavy duty rotary motor can slice through the thickest of hair with ease.

As you can imagine, these do fall on the higher end of the price spectrum.

Panasonic ER-GS60
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Best Hair Clippers For Barbers & Professionals (Reviews 2019)

Next up on our carefully compiled list of the top hair clippers is a slightly more entry-level model, the Panasonic ER-GS60

Compared to many of the clippers you see here, this model by Panasonic is a little less advanced in many respects. It also shares many common features though, and coming in at a fraction of the price, is very impressive.

The blades may be a simple stainless steel, but the motor is strong enough to handle most hair types. Also, the battery might take a little longer to charge, and offer a little less life than others, but the 40-minute life is still a cut above the bottom price range models.

Finally these can be used when wet, which makes cutting thinner hair quicker and easier (not to mention the cleaning routine for your clipper).

Philips Norelco
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Best Hair Clippers For Barbers & Professionals (Reviews 2019)

Next is another top clipper model available for a really great price, making it perfect for at home use.

This model features a lithium-ion battery, making it quite special in its price range. You can expect to get an hour of use out of this neat little set, perfect for portable use.

It isn’t the most powerful option on our list, and doesn’t offer the longevity of some of the more professional models available. Though this said if you are looking for a model for the occasional tidy up and shave, these should be perfect.

Other features that make the Norelco a great choice are: there self-sharpening blades; and the rotating head which can turn around an 180• angle for easy self-use even at the back of the head.

With the Philips Norelco, you’ll also receive a range of hair cutting guides, a blade guard, a charger base, and a user manual.


Professional Clipper Buying Guide

Hair clippers are a fantastic tool for cutting hair, personal grooming, as well as for body shaving, and eyebrow / nose trimming. The range of products is bewildering, so it’s good to seek some trusty advice before investing your money. Especially when it’s your clippers that earns that money!
The market can seem deceptive, with so many low-rate models advertised as “professional”, but here are the main things to look out for when choosing your professional hair clippers.

Motor Type

The motor in your hair clipper is extremely important for the performance, so know what to look out for.

Motor Speed

How many rotations per minute does the clipper make? If it’s under 6000 then you should probably look elsewhere. You can find models here with around 10,000 rotations per minute.

Cord or Cordless

So do you stick to your tried and tested clippers, or try out the more recent cordless options? Personally, we think that cordless clippers have progressed enough that the investment is more than worthwhile. Models like the Wahl Pro Lithium Ion 8546  and many other models have too many benefits to ignore, plus being cable free makes maneuvering far lighter work right through the day.

Blade Type

You’re going to go through quite a few of these as a professional, so I guess it’s worth trying them all once, though you’re bound to have a favourite. Stainless steel is consistent, affordable, and fairly easy to maintain. On the other hand, sharper blades are available, and ceramic blades are great for handling all day heat.

Battery Life

All of the pro models we’ve listed have top of the range battery life and charge quickly and efficiently. If you’re looking elsewhere be sure to find a lithium ion battery, they dwarf the life of regular rechargeable models and don’t get weaker as the battery gets lower.


You’re going to be holding your clipper and moving it around in your preferred hand all day long, be sure to get one that’s going to suit your hand sizeSome models are almost weightless, but others are quite chunky, and might be quite tiring for some.


As you’ve probably seen some clippers are really stripped back and basic, the accessories filling in the extra tasks. Some models have nifty features, like speed settings, or light indicators, dials to change length and so on, if this is something you’re interested in then make sure you check out all the clippers we feature, there are some great examples.


If you’re unsure or buying a clipper model for the first time, always make sure it comes with a reasonable guarantee time. Professional clippers can be expensive, and you want to be able to return them if you’re not satisfied, or compatible with your chosen model.

Types of Professional Hair Clippers

The type of motor your clipper uses determines which type of clipper it isn’t and which jobs it can, and can’t perform in. Be sure to know what type the model you’re considering is before making any decisions.


Rotary Motor Hair Clipper

Rotary motors offer the best of both worlds, with fast speed, and strong power. This is perhaps the favoured type of motor for professional clippers since it works as easily with thin hair or thick hair.

Pivot Motor Hair Clipper

The pivot motor does cut a little more slowly in terms of rotations per minute when compared to the rotary motor, though it’s very powerful, and it’s slower speed makes it great for all day use since it doesn’t overheat as easily. The Pivot motor has no problem slicing through damp thick hair.

Magnetic Motor Hair Clipper

The magnetic option is more suited for less frequent use. So if you use clippers mainly for tidying up edges, and this type of work then this should be ideal for you. The speed is decent, and the power is strong, though it overheats easily, and so shouldn’t be used as an all day clipper.


Battery or Corded?

Of all the choices that you’ll be faced with when shopping around for hair clippers, the first you’ll have to make your mind up on is whether you should choose a cordless -battery operated- one, or a traditional corded model. 

Essentially the choice is yours, but there are some tradeoffs that you should be aware of.

First of all, how much are you willing to spend, and what power or other features do you require? For the same kind of price point you can expect to get a slightly stronger motor if you opt for the corded option.

However it’s no catch 22, and you can get cordless clippers with just as powerful a motor as the corded equivalent. It may just cost a little more.

But what do cordless models offer that their corded counterpart does not?

Well first of all the cordless model is more easily portable, and can be used anywhere since it doesn’t need a plug socket to run. If you like to do your cutting in the garage or garden, or if you might like to in the future, then this is one advantage.

Another advantage of the cordless models is that they don’t risk tangling up, be it in the cupboard, under the bed, or across the floor of a busy hair salon.

If you travel, then again the cordless model stands out as extremely useful as it can be used anywhere as we’ve said.

All of this said though, there is still certainly a market for corded options. If you’re unfamiliar with using laptops, mobile phones and the like then the concept of needing to remember to charge your tool before you use it might be a little alien, and tricky to adapt to.

Further, if you’re a hair professional who works at a very past pace right through the day, it might become tiresome to have your clipper die part way through a cut, and the more consistent corded option might remain your first choice. The way around this might be to purchase extra (spare) batteries, but this can work out expensive.

But really you need to consider when and where you’ll most be using your clippers. If the space you work in makes using cables a pain, then clearly the cordless options could be life changing.

Everyone will have their own personal taste though, and this might be more of a decisive factor than some of the above in the end. Do be sure to ask yourself these questions before making up your mind though, in either case.

Blade Types  

Next, you should consider the blade type that you want to use. Most models come with a blade, though many are suitable for a variety of different blade types. Below is some info on the most common blade types.

Stainless Steel 

This is the most common blade type used. Sharp, easy to clean and maintain, and cheap to make and buy. In addition, they’re very durable and resistant to damage or rusting.

Even many of the finest professional clippers use stainless steel blades, and they’re more than up to the task of heavy duty cutting.


The stainless steel may also come coated in a harder wearing material such as carbon or titanium. This adds to the sharpness, though also the cost.

If you cut hair all day, you may find that coated blades get the job done a little faster than stainless steel models, and it might perform better on the most extreme thick hair.


Being a very poor conductor of heat, ceramic blades are perfect for all day use. They can keep up their max power all day without overheating, protecting the clipper from long-term damage.

Do be careful, though, as well as being more expensive, the ceramic blades are also more fragile than the alternatives.


Usually, you’ll need to re-sharpen your clipper regularly, depending how frequently you use them will determine how often they’ll need to be sharpened. The process involves removing the blade, holding it with a magnet and manually using a water stone up and down the blade edge. An easy solution to this is by taking a model with self-sharpening blades. The blade angle is more tilted so that it actually sharpens while you use it.

The blade type you prefer has its pros and cons, though as mentioned many clippers are suitable for a variety of types, so make sure your clipper is compatible with your preferred blade choice first of all.


Leo J. Wahl invented the first ever electric hair clipper in 1919, and so began the legacy of Wahl. Only one brand can boast being the brand that invented the product, and this brand was formed in Chicago Illinois. Since then Wahl has enjoyed almost a century of success and innovation, more recently Wahl pioneered the lithium ion battery that has revolutionized the industry by making cordless clippers so practical.
Wahl clippers can be found in over 165 countries across the world, and in many countries is a household name.


Conair is another U.S based firm and was founded in 1959 and has since rapidly expanded to 10 different subdivisions with revenue of over $2bn a year.
Conair produces a range of products but specialize in producing clippers with the best technology, for a really affordable price.


Panasonic is a Japanese corporation founded in 1918, one year earlier than Wahl, though hair clippers are a relatively recent addition to their product lines. Their hair clippers offer a lot, enough to rival any of the more long-standing champions of professional haircare, and in far smaller, sleeker, lighter designs. They offer models starting fairly low for the price, going up to about the middle of the price range, but all are a range of their class in terms of value for money, some of their models even feature 10,000rpm motors.


The Andis brand has stayed at the forefront of innovative clipper technology since the company was born in 1920. Matthew Andis and John Oster went into business together to dominate the clipper market, but they split ways and Mathew Andis formed the Andis Clipper Company. Since the invention of the electrical hair clipper, Andis have offered the some of the most premium, high-performance clippers available for professionals, with smoother, smaller and lighter designs than the competition.


Philips is a Dutch corporation founded in 1891 and with a rich history, the hair clipper side of the business doesn’t
quite have the same history as some of the others on this list however. They offer a really decent product for a mind blowing price. They also keep innovation key to their products, and many have interesting features like the rotating head.


Like Conair (as BaByliss is a subsidiary of Conair), BaByliss offers premium, and heavy duty clippers made to last. The build quality is great, and you’ll see a range of products to suit different needs. You might be surprised to see that state of the art products are offered at bottom dollar prices, and other models are right at the top of the price range, and ahead of the competition.


As we’ve said, John Oster set up the Oster Clipper Company after parting ways with Mathew Andis. Since then the Oster clipper has become an all American favourite. Known for years as the Cadillac of hair clippers, the Oster range is known for it’s power, durability, and practicality. The Oster range is true barber shop classics.

Bottom Line

Hopefully, you feel a little bit more informed by now about the big wide world of professional barber clippers, and what to and not to look out for on your search.
Most of the models featured in our best hair clipper list are a little more expensive that many other models on the market, but you have to remember that these might be the tool you use all day at work, and a shoddy set of hair clippers could have the potential to lose your customers. Good luck from us at HairStylerMag, and we hope you find the perfect clippers to suit your needs.