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How to Cut a Mohawk – Definitive Guide

Last Update:
October 22, 2021

A mohawk or mohican is you probably well know is a hairstyle with a longer, usually upright stripe of hair running along the top centre of the head, with the rest of the head shaved, or much shorter than the top stripe. You can also leave the stripe to flow down without gel or other products, this is known as a lazyhawk.

The tradition of mohicans goes back as far as native Americans who plucked the hair( in lieu of electric clippers), but has been used all over the world since at least 300 BC.
In more recent history the Mohawk is more recognizable to you and I as a punk fashion staple. There are a variety of sub styles you can choose within the Mohawk genre, here are some for you to look through:How to Cut a Mohawk – Definitive Guide [ video ]

  • Bi-hawk or Tri-hawk
  • Liberty Spikes
  • Frohawk
  • Chelsea Hawk
  • Dreadhawk
  • –Lazyhawk

Why should you DIY?

Cutting your own mohawk at home is a pretty simple hair-style to master, and with our walk through guide you’ll have it down in no time.

Most people who end up deciding not to do their own hair are worried that they’ll make a mess of their hair do, and it can even be tricky to find a hairdresser to give you a mohawk, but you shouldn’t be intimidated, you’re only a few simple tools, and a few quick steps away from cutting your own mohawk.
Remember as well that as soon as you begin cutting your own hair at home, you begin to save money, making your new skill also a great investment.

Anyhow, let’s get started.

Tools You’ll Need

As we said the Mohican is a fairly simple cut to do, and you won’t need much to complete the job. First of all, you’ll need a high-quality set of hair clippers to get the job done, you might also want an electric razor if you’re cutting right down to the scalp. One mirror fixed in front, and a hand held mirror to check the sides and back. One roll of masking tape (not sellotape, duck tape, or gaffer tape).

That’s it!

You may also like to find something appropriate to use as a gown / bib around your shoulders, and use a brush to tidy up your neck when finished.

Step by Step

  • Position the masking tape over the hair running through the middle of the top of your hair and reposition until you’re happy that it’s central. You can have a mohawk as thick or thin as you like, so have a think about the width you’d like, and apply extra strips of tape accordingly.
  • Use hair clippers to shave all the hair around the masking tape to the desired length.
  • Check with the mirror that the back is neat, and when it is remove the masking tape.
  • Check how the hair cut looks, you might want to trim away the tops of the stripe of hair depending on how you feel about it.
  • Next tidy up those little furry bits at the bottom of your hair line behind your head. For this remove the blade guard, and place your fingers at the bottom of your hairline as a guide and gently trim upward.
  • Put some gel in your hair, and you have your first home made mohawk!

As you can see in just four pretty simple steps you can create an impressive hair style at home, even if you are a complete beginner.

We hope our guide for how to cut a mohawk has been helpful, and has given you the confidence to try it out yourself at home.

Remember, if in doubt, just leave the hair a little longer than it should be to start with, that way you have another to fix it, or time to run back to the barber for a rescue mission.

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