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How to Cut Your Own Hair?

Last Update:
October 21, 2021

The aim of our guide here is to show you the best and most simple way possible to quickly learn how to cut your own hair with clippers, and how to cut the back of your own hair. It won’t take long to master, and once you have you’ll instantly be forever independent for your haircutting needs! There’s a few things you’ll need, but first of all, why should you cut your own hair?

Why cut your own hair?


If you’ve never cut your own hair before, then you might be wondering if you should or should not bother trying out hair clippers for some home grooming. Well, first of all, I would like to say that learning to cut your own hair with clippers is easy to pick up, and it’s a useful skill to learn, so if you’re wondering, stop, and dive right in!

Once you’ve mastered cutting your hair the way you like it at home you’ll have certain new advantages open to you. First of all, you can have your haircut whenever you want. It doesn’t matter what the weather is outside, or whether your usual barber is available for an appointment this afternoon, you now have your own personal barber at your beckon call, and it’s you.

Also, you’ll save tonnes of money over a life-time, and if you end up cutting your partner’s, and even children’s hair, then the numbers really add up.
Finally you might well come in handy at any time with a friend in need, you might even earn a little one day with your skills, who knows.

Equipment you’ll need

– A good quality hair clipper
– Blade guides and guards
– Scissors

– One mirror in front, and one handheld mirror
– Comb for longer haircuts

Choose a haircut

The first thing you’ll need to do, of course, is choose the hairstyle you want, and next find a tutorial to take you through.
You aren’t limited to totally shaving your head when using hair clippers to style your hair, and there are a wide range of styles you can cut at home yourself.

Check out our tutorials for:

– Mohawk
– Crew cut
– Buzz cut


When you’ve chosen a hairstyle and found a tutorial you’ll know exactly how you’re going to cut your hair. There are some simple rules to adhere to in order to guarantee good results.

First of all if you’re new to self-styling, it’s always better to be safe than sorry, so we would recommend that you use longer cutting guides / settings than you think you might need. If you cut it too long at first you can go over it again, if you cut it too short, you have a problem.

Second, when possible, ask a friend or your partner to help you with the back of your head.

Third, check your clipper over. It will perform far better, and faster if the battery is well charged, and the blade sharp.


Most of the time the top of the hair will be where the hair is kept longest, and depending on the style you’ve chosen, you might well need to use different tools here. For some cuts like buzz-cuts the clipper is just fine on its own, though some longer haircuts might require longer length guides, using a comb, or scissoring the top for long hair styles.

Once you’ve done the top, it should be easier to see where the top ends and the sides begin. Start at the bottom in front of the ears, and work upward, and around behind the ear. Usually, you’ll take the bottom of the closest to the skin, and then you’ll choose between a fade, a step, or even an undercut.

Now this is the trickiest part, and as I said when you do have a friend or partner around, make sure you make use of them.

The best thing to do (starting at the bottom again) is to take the hand not holding the clipper, and to place a finger or two beneath the clipper blade (under the guard to be safe), this way the blade is a safe distance away from the skin. When you finish, check with a mirror, even out, and take shorter if desired. As said it’s much better to be sure not to go shorter than you wanted, as this can be disastrous, especially for longer hair styles.

Check out this vid explaining how to cut your own hair with a set of clippers.

Like all things, when learning to self-clipper your hair, practice makes perfect, and you’ll get much quicker and more accurate as time goes by. Also, you may consider relying on a balding clipper in case you like having that kind of style.

Keep in mind that styling your beard seems easy, but it really becomes easy after using beard oil on your beard on a regular basis. We hope you’ve enjoyed our how to guide for cutting your own hair with clippers, check out our other tutorials for cutting hair and more right here.

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