Oster 76 Outlaw Turbo ReviewOur Oster 76 outlaw review includes all of the basic information you should know before considering to buy your new set of hair clippers. We’ve done in-depth research to bring you the best source of info for the top hair clippers.

In many respects the 76 Outlaw can be compared to the 76 Classic. Though it does have some new features to boast, and works great on both men’s and women’s hair.


The Oster 76 Outlaw seems to offer everything that the Oster 76 Classic offers, and more. The motor is advertised as more powerful, but in a smaller, lighter package. Plus it’s made in an ergonomic design for comfort, and has a rubber face for grip, these features set it apart from its more chunky cousin the Oster 76 classic. If you’re looking for at home use, then the slimmer design might feel far more practical than heavier models like the 76 classic.
This model comes with one #000 blade, but it can be swapped for any oster blade, so if you prefer to use ceramic, or any other special blade type, that’s no problem.

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As mentioned the design is slim and sleek, with an ergonomic shape to make use effortless. Where the cord meets the clipper you’ll find a small clip designed to rotate to prevent the cord from tangling which is neat. Plus the 10 ft power cable makes a practical addition to the design.

From the perspective of appearance the 76 Outlaw is a very attractive, modern looking clipper, in black and dark red, with smooth edges.

The intended function of this model is all day use, as such the motor and housing is designed to be used all day without tiring, or slowing down. 


Everything advertised inside makes this model ideal for diverse and professional use. The motor is rotary, this being the motor most fit for cutting through lots of thick hair without a worry.
It’s designed to withstand a high level of use, and can run all day without getting jammed or slowing down.
As the above implies, if you are looking for a great premium clipper to use at home, the Oster 76 Outlaw is more than up to the task. If you need a tutor for self-hair-cutting, check out this section. 

Oster 76 Outlaw Turbo Review


The Outlaw features one of the most powerful motors available, in a small handheld size. It also has a unique turbo speed setting for extra speed, or really especially thick hair styles. Plus the removable blades making cleaning and maintenance work a doddle.


  • 1 x #000 Oster blade, designed for any hair type
  • Extra long 10 ft power cable
  • Lubricating Oil
  • Cleaning Oil, for quick easy cleaning
  • A zip carry case, for storage and travel
  • 10 length guides, giving you the choice of a range of haircuts

Compatibility with hair types

As we’ve said the Oster Outlaw is the cousin of the Oster 76 Classic, known as the “Cadillac of hair clippers”, and this motor is supposed to be only more powerful. For this reason the Oster Outlaw is a pretty safe bet all round, it is designed to cut through thick hair, and compared to thick hair cutting through thinner hair is a breeze, so regardless of hair type the Outlaw is a pro choice.

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Oster 76 Outlaw Turbo Review


Again it’s tricky to point out anything too major. Though one thing did strike me as strange, so needed to do some extra research for our Oster 76 Outlaw review.

I wondered why the price was so low compared to all other similar models, especially since the original price was at the top end of the price spectrum. I wondered whether it had perhaps been discontinued, or if there was some major design fault.

But there’s no information out there to indicate anything of the sort, and as far as customer reviews are concerned, this one has hundreds, and they are some of the most positive overall reviews of any product.

The only thing we can imagine is affecting the price is that the Outlaw is made in China, whereas the Classic is produced in the USA. Also, the Oster following is very proud of the U.S.A heritage of the brand, so this could be a reason for the price fall.