Oster 76076-011 Classic 76 Clipper ReviewOur best clippers list wouldn’t be complete without a review of the Oster 76 Classic. It’s a true barber shop classic, built for all day use, with a motor for cutting through thick wet hair as easily as the thinnest hair. Check out the features, design, accessories and more below.


– Special Agion antimicrobial blades

– Detachable blades

– Powerful – industry leading – motor for difficult jobs

– Resilient outer casing make it smash resistant

– Extra long power cable over 2.7 metres
– Free extras for maintenance and cleaning

– Cordless charger base

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This particular model is a limited edition version of the classic Oster 76 design. The Oster 76 is a good old American barbershop classic which is available here in bright pink.

The design is simple and attractive, and built for heavy duty use, making this a neat choice if you’re looking to use your clippers all day. They can run for hours without heating too much, and can take the smacks, bangs, and drops that might occasionally happen to all barbers.
The blade is easy to remove for quick cleaning and maintenance, which is a big selling point for all the lazy folk out there, as well as the busy barbers.


The Oster 76 is made for professional use, and they have plenty of testimonials from hair professionals to give good faith that it can be used on any hair type all the same.

It can be used on dry or damp hair, which makes work even faster for short buzz cut hair.

The motor is designed to be a specialist for thicker hair types too, and should cut through plenty of long, damp, thick hair without slowing down. If you have thick hair and are looking for a product to replace those clippers that might pull thick hairs and cause pain, then these seem like a sure bet.

Oster 76076-011 Classic 76 Clipper Review Technology

The blades are made for barbers, and the antimicrobial agion is used to ensure the highest level of hygiene for your customers when you might be using the same blade on several people per day. The Universal Motor means the Oster 76 (nicknamed the Cadillac of Clippers) can cruise through thick lumps of hair like they were brittle straw.
The outer housing is break-resistant, made to last through years of daily use, with all the drops that come with it.
The motor, as well as powerful, also comes designed for easy removal so you can clean, repair, and replace pieces without unscrewing anything. Perfect for barbers, or for anyone using them at home. 


With the clippers you’ll also receive a #000 antimicrobial blade, and a blade guard. For cleaning and maintenance, it also includes some grease, blade oil, and a cleaning brush. 

Compatibility with hair types

Whether your hair is wisp thing, or savagely long, wild, and thick, the Oster 76 seems like a really safe bet to buzz right through it.

Unlike other more personal options like the Wahl Lithium Ion Pro, the Oster has a long lasting reputation for being professional, if you have Oster 76076-011 Classic 76 Clipper Reviewhad trouble with thick or ethnic hair in the past then a heavy duty option like this might be worth considering. Yes true it sits nearer the upper end of the price range, but this is a clipper made to last for decades of use.


It’s pretty clear to see from our Oster 76 Classic review that this is a longstanding favorite hair clipper out of all the models on the market for plenty of reasons. This is why it’s kind of difficult to find any overwhelming flaws to point out. The only thing is that the design, whilst very heavy duty and resilient, is quite large compared to other models. With the size comes a weightiness that might make your arm more tired after all day use than some models. If you’re not looking for professional use on the other hand, but at home grooming, then I suppose you might find the price a little steep.
I suppose it’s a matter of personal taste, but the Oster 76 is a very plain and simple clipper in terms of functionality. There are no buttons, dials, or switches to make regular use of as in many other models.

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