Oster Professional 76550-100 Cordless Clipper ReviewThis model from Oster is from quite literally the very top tier in terms of spec, and as such is designed primarily for the best, and most upmarket hairdressers; and the price point matches. Everything inside goes one step further than most of the competition, including power, battery and more. Keep reading our Oster Octane Cordless Clipper review for all there is to know.


– Cord or cordless use, dual battery charger base included
– Manufactured and designed in Switzerland
– Powerful cutting edge rotary motor
– Incredible lithium ion technology battery (+ spare)
– Battery indicator LED lights in red and green to show you when charging, and when fully charged
– The housing is break-resistant for industry use, and smudge-proof to protect against unsightly finger marks
– The Protective coating is scratch and rust resistant, and removable for easy cleaning, repair, or replacement
– Can be used with Classic 76 blades as well as Titan blades
– Includes tonnes of extra accessories, as well as a 3 year manufacturers guarantee (making it the longest I’ve seen)

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The design brings together the two poles that can be seen throughout the industry. It is both sleek, slim, lightweight, whilst at the same time offering an ultra heavy duty, premium, solid and expensive looking object. There is no other model on the market that combines premium quality with such a sleek design so seamlessly. This said it is very much the type of design that you hope for at the very top of the price range.


As you might expect, this is pretty much up to any (human) task. Whether your hair is light and wispy, or heavy and thick. If dry or greasy, dried or damp, the rotary motor inside these will power through anything as if it was never there to begin with.

The cordless capability in such a heavy duty clipper makes for a dream for a hair professional, and unbelievably even at full power you can run the clippers for a full 2 hours before they run dry. That’s at least 25% more battery life than any other lithium ion clipper I’ve found to date, adding again to the profession stamp of this product.

Oster Professional 76550-100 Cordless Clipper Review


As just mentioned the battery life on this product is out of this world. Plus uniquely, it comes with a spare!
Imagine a busy day at work, relying only on this one clipper to get you through the day. You start work, cut a few clients back to back, before taking a short break, you plug the clippers to charge while you have a cup of tea and use the restroom before seeing to some more clients. By one O’clock your clippers are slowing down so you take your lunch break while they get back to full health. For the second half of your day you switch to your second battery, fully charged and ready to go. By the time this one dies, you’ll almost be finished with your day of work, and your original battery will be back to full life. These clippers are clearly a step in the evolution of where the market is going with hair grooming technology.


– Cord power cable for charging
– Professional blade guard
– 2 Blades, a 000 and a 1 are included with the set
– 1 spare rechargeable battery, for all day use
– Cleaning accessories, including wipe, oil, and cleaning brush


Compatibility with hair types

As our review of the Oster Pro Octane Cordless clipper has shown, this clipper is the absolute peak of hair clipper technology, and is more than capable of handling all hair types. Searching through the customer reviews I couldn’t find one complaint that these were not compatible with their, or anybody elses hair type.

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Oster Professional 76550-100 Cordless Clipper Review


In terms of use these are an absolute dream. In reality though they’re not for everybody. The price is kind of off the charts compared to even the dearest personal hair clippers, but this is for a very good reason. Sure if you’re happy to make the investment, and always cut your own hair, then go for these, you certainly won’t be disappointed. If you were looking for something in a far lower price range that is great for personal use, try out the Philips Norelco, or the Wahl Lithium Ion Professional. Primarily though these clippers are made for professional use only.