Panasonic Professional ER 1611 Clipper ReviewRead on for our Panasonic Professional ER 1611 Clipper Review featuring information about the technology used for the: motor, blades, battery as well as the product design, functionality, and more.


The Panasonic ER 1611 is a new member of the Panasonic hair grooming line, and features some of their latest developments. The Japanese made blade is sharpened to a 45• angle for efficiency, with a wider surface area than most blades.

The motor has more oomph than ever, offering 10,000 rotations per minute, up from 6,000 on Panasonic’s other most popular models, making this a bit of a beast.

A control dial which works like a dimmer can be used for raising or lowering the blade height. There are five options starting at 0.8mm, going up to 2mm in 0.3mm intervals. I really like that you can switch the height options with a dial, and haven’t seen it on any other of the best cordless clipper models.

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We love the simplicity of the design on this model, even though it is one the more advanced clippers on the market, the design is particularly modest. The whole product is in black with grey around the blades, and two LED lights in red and green are set on the front display to let you know when you’ll need to recharge.

It comes in at a lightweight 160 grams and is very mini in design for the power that the motor packs. From a design point of view, it’s very clean, smart, and professional, plus with the matching charger base looks nice if you leave it displayed.
The handle is designed to be easy to use from different angles and has good grip unlike many of the metallic models on offer.

Panasonic Professional ER 1611 Clipper Review


With one hour of charge time you can get 50 minutes of uninterrupted use on any hair type. This option can also be used between charges using the power cable, though this will take much longer to get full charge.
It’s mainly for the use of very close cuts, and though it is advertised with the very fast motor, I don’t think it’s the best option for particularly hard or thick hair types. On the plus side though it is very light, and doesn’t make any noise at all, making it ideal for home use. Getting up and opting for a quick morning trim is much easier with a silent device.


With over 10,000 rotations per minute the motor here is one of the strongest available, meaning in theory that this should cut far quicker and more smoothly.

Plus almost an hour of battery life when fully charged is pretty good, though it still doesn’t quite come close to the lithium ion options as offered by several other products available for a similar price. I should point out that several options boasting longer battery life, and with lithium ion batteries as standard are available, and the Wahl Lithium Ion pro is just one great example.

One of the most impressive features of the technology in this Panasonic model is that they get it all in to such a slim design when many of the options with more powerful motors are generally heavier and larger, not the reverse.


This Panasonic comes complete with it’s charger base, and a charger cable. It also includes 3 different attachments to cut 6 graduated hair lengths. It comes as standard with a WER9900 blade of stainless steel, fairly basic for a product at the upper end of the price range, but still perfectly effective for home use.

Panasonic Professional ER 1611 Clipper ReviewCompatibility with hair types

The motor on this bad boy means that regardless of hair type, you should be able to cut right through it without a snag. It should also mean that you won’t have any trouble with the clippers catching and pulling hairs as they cut. Click to read trendy hairstyles!

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However, unfortunately, we’ve found Panasonic Professional ER 1611 Clipper reviews which say that they do catch and pull hairs, and also that they take several sessions to properly complete one haircut, which is disturbing, so we looked into it further. It turns out that several barbers as well as people claiming to have cut their hair at home for decades, have had the same type of problems. All I would say is that on the whole the product performs really well, even if there may be a few rogue models out there. Click to see the best list of this year!