Wahl 79600-2101 Lithium Ion Pro Cordless Clipper ReviewWelcome to our definitive review of the Wahl Lithium Ion Pro Cordless Clipper. We cover the features, design, compatibility with different hair styles and more. 


The Wahl 79600 comes with guide combs to cut from a 0.5 right the way up to an 8 to cater for a variety of uses. Left and right ear tapers are included, along with guides for ear and eyebrow trimming, and a clipper guard for safety.

The lithium ion battery is pretty powerful, offering almost an hour of use from under two hours of charge. You can also charge enough for one cut with just 15 minutes of charge using the quick cut feature. It’s always a bit of a disaster when a dead battery means no use for two hours, especially when you’re that close to finishing the job! For this reason I’m a big fan of the idea of a quick charge feature.

The trimmer that comes free runs on 1 AA battery, and is handy for tidying up the edges, or as an emergency shaver to keep in your bag.

The clipper works cordless, or when plugged in, for convenience. This means there’s no real risk of being stuck unable to use it at any time. Finally, there is an LED light to show to display charge information.

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Like many of Wahl’s products, the design is elegant and classic. The shape is sleek, and it wouldn’t look unfit as a handbag accessory.

There are plenty of beautifully designed models out there that are far more sturdy than this one, though few are as light as this at only 2 lbs, so I suppose that’s a personal trade-off that you’ll have to make.

The only downside I’d like to point out is that this particular model isn’t the easiest to clean, so be prepared for some work.

See this video for a short demo.



It’s suitable for short, regularly cut hair, as well as longer hair styles, and comes with guides up to size 8. It is also meant for beard grooming, plus eyebrow and ear trimming. I’ve also read that girlfriends and wives have used them for trimming split ends.

This isn’t the most heavy-weight option, but is perfect for medium weight hair, and should be more than capable of handling some thicker hair types too, though do bear in mind that there are more heavy duty options available.


The lithium ion battery technology allows for double the normal 40 with 40 minute charge time, making this one of the most exemplary for battery time, which seems to be one of the rarer qualities overall for cordless tools.

The quick charge feature is also really useful for doing single haircuts, or if the battery dies

during use, plus, of course saving you the frustration of a dying clipper half way through a cut / shave.

Wahl’s self-sharpening precision blades come with the 79600, apparently this helps to handle a heavier load, and to cut through hairs 40% faster.


Everything that comes included is safely packed away inside a special Wahl soft case which is elegant, and can be used to store everything. In addition to this, the guides, and the mini battery powered trimmer the kit also comes with an assortment of goodies.

You receive a Cleaning Brush, and blade oil for keeping the blade clear and clean. A guard for protection. As well as barber’s scissors, 2 combs, a cape, and hair clips for home haircuts.

Compatibility with hair types

The general consensus seems to be that the Wahl 79600-2101 is impressive for most hair types. I have seen some reviews that say it struggles with thicker hair, though a great deal more seem to be saying that it can do a pretty decent job. If you do have thicker hair though, this one here has had great reviews.

Generally the reviews are all very positive about this product, plus it seems really good that so many extras are included with it. For a product sitting Wahl 79600-2101 Lithium Ion Pro Cordless Clipper Reviewin the middle of the road for price, this is a highly recommended product, suggesting that great value for money can be found with these.


I was initially really attracted by the design of the Wahl lithium ion clipper, though unfortunately reviews seem to say that it’s a little fragile, flimsy, and feels inexpensive when used compared with some.

One last thing I should point out though is that a number of customer reviews say that the cleaning regime with this item is crazily complicated, long, and tiresome, so if you struggle with this type of thing, perhaps we wary.

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