Wahl 85910 Cordless Designer Clipper Review

This cordless clipper really stands out as one of our favorites after searching high and low for the best clippers on the market. Whereas most sit in the genre of cordless clipper, this one sits somewhere between that and professional salon equipment, and understandably sits nearer the upper end of the price scale. Read on for our Wahl 85910 Cordless Designer Clipper review. 


Here we have one of the most infamous hair clipper models ever, upgraded for cordless use! This model features both a super light-weight design, yet with heavy-duty capacity.
The lithium ion battery is one of the most impressive of all, offering a battery life of an hour and a half at full power, with even more endurance when the power is turned down making this model a salon favourite.
This unit is built for comfort, and durability, and from all accounts this shape and style is designed to keep on going for years and years, even with daily professional use.
Finally the lever makes for a seamless hair cut experience, for personal or professional use you can save time fiddling with other pieces of equipment by simply flicking the switch to use for blends, fades, and finishing touches. It’s little touches like this that make all the difference sometimes, and if you imagine having to change settings, or equipment every day (or several times each day), then you can see why this feature is so useful for time saving.

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The design of the Wahl is probably on of our all time favourites, it looks exactly like something an upmarket barber would use, because it is the cordless version of Wahl’s most popular clipper used by salons and barbers all over the land. Perfect for a salon experience at home.

The design is classic, and elegant, but also features an ergonomic shape for smooth handling, and to reach those tricky spots.
The cordless designer comes in the same iconic red as the original designer model.


There is a wide scope for use with the Wahl cordless designer. It can of course be used at home for an array of different hair lengths, types, and styles. But can also be used as a work tool by hairdressers and barbers.

It can also be used for facial hair grooming for men, as well as body grooming and styling.

Of course, the potential doesn’t end there, with this you could shave just about anything, including your girlfriend, or your pooch.


The same technology goes into the Wahl cordless designers as in their most iconic popular models. On top of that is the lithium ion battery and charger allowing for really impressive charge time. Unlike certain other models like the Panasonic ER-GS60-S, the Wahl designer certainly doesn’t disappoint, with a full charge of over 90 minutes.
The design is an ergonomic approach, aimed at giving more comfort to the user, with the aim of improving the results.


Inside the box with the clipper you’ll find instructions for using, and maintaining your favourite new toy. 8 attachment combs for different hair lengths and styles, and a red blade guide for safety. You’ll also find a little pot of oil, and a brush for cleaning the blade. Finally, your charger cable and unit, for corded or cordless use. 

Compatibility with hair typesWahl 85910 Cordless Designer Clipper Review

A cordless clipper is always likely to be slightly less powerful than the best-corded salon clippers, but this model is a cordless version of a popular salon classic, making it pretty much as good as they come. Some users with super long, thick hair as always might give one or two negative reviews, but the record for this one is right up there.

Most of our suggests that the Wahl Cordless Designer cuts easily through a variety of hair types, with very few complaints of hair pulling and the associated pain. All of this said, the Wahl motor doesn’t quite touch what the Andis BGR or Oster 76 offers, so if you are exclusively using yours for very heavy duty hair, maybe check this one out.

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The main pros of the Wahl 85910 cordless designer clipper are plenty according to our research; great battery life, charming design, with excellent power and precision. Plus since so many of us would have had our haircut at the barber by this model before, there is an instant element of trust when you see it.

There aren’t really many cons to speak of in our Wahl 85910 Cordless Designer Clipper Review, although it is at the upper end of the cordless clipper price range. Though customers should be reassured since the product comes with a full satisfaction guarantee from the manufacturer. The only other thing to mention is that the power isn’t a record breaker in the price range, though it’s still pretty solid.