Wahl Professional 8500 Senior ReviewThis review looks at the Wahl Professional 8500 Senior. It’s a newer, updated version for the Wahl line, and features an even more powerful v9000 motor, intended for professional use. To find out how the Wahl Senior scores compared to other top models on the market, keep reading, or for other top products click here.

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The Senior features their new electromagnetic v9000 motor, giving 50% more power than the v5000 model.

It manages to be both heavy-duty, with a strong resilient design, but also pretty sleek, small at 6.5” and light at 1 lb 3 oz. It also features a comfortable design, with easy grip. The side lever is a great feature for quickly changing to fades and tapers, saving time and work on your hair work. There are a few other great features worth mentioning:

– The unit comes with a #1005 blade, made for heavy duty cutting.
– The cord is chemical resilient, and extra long at 8 foot.
– Plenty of other useful accessories come included so you can get straight to work.


The design is less bulky than some Wahl professional models, though bigger than any of the smaller, sleeker models out there. The design is clean and plain, and comes in grey.
The design shape is ergonomic, for comfortable use for any hand size, and great for all day use. It also comes in a super durable housing, ready to take on the daily knocks, or for an occasionally clumsy owner.

The blades are designed to be easily released, for cleaning, maintenance, or if you’re looking to replace the blade.

UsageWahl Professional 8500 Senior Review

In terms of at home use, the Wahl Pro 8500 Senior is more than up to any task with it’s powerful motor. It’s also more than fit for salon or barber shop use, with the some of the finest blades in the industry, a v9000 motor, and durable enough for constant all day use. For the premium, and professional standard, you can really get a lot of use out of these for the middle of the road price point.

Another big plus to the Wahl Pro Senior is that with it’s v9000 motor it can take down damp hair as easily as dry hair, making the overall job for a haircut much quicker, saving you time at home or at work.


The technology that goes into the Wahl Pro 8500 Senior is the same as many of the latest, most updated Wahl Pro clippers. The motor is made to give an extra 50% of power, without taking up more space, and it’s built to stay cool enough even with a full day of use.

The easy flick slider allows the user to instantly switch for tapers and fades, ideal for professional or home convenience.

Plus the cord is designed to be resistant to any chemicals spilled, including hair dyes, treatments, shampoos, conditioners, and any other products used at a day of work in a salon.


– 3 cutting guides, from 1/16” to 3/16.
– One red blade guard for protection.
– Oil.
– Cleaning brush.
– User manual / Instructions (though it’s pretty simple to use right away). 

Compatibility with hair types

As I’ve said the powerful motor that this model boasts makes it more than up to the task of heavy duty cutting. Though this said the motor isn’t rotary, which is the usual motor type of choice for the professional models. However as far as the reviews make clear, the power behind the Senior is great, and you should rarely have any trouble with any particular hair type.

Wahl Professional 8500 Senior Review


These clippers make for a very nice basic model, for a reasonable price. Though they are missing some features with other models have to perhaps justify the higher price point.

Firstly the package is quite standard, no specialised blades are used, and the accessories included are minimal. If your looking to use these for anything other than a buzz-cut, then you’ll probably want to invest in some extra guide combs.

Its hard to judge, but overall the motor here is as specialised for heavy duty use as the rotary motor is.

Overall if you’re on the lookout for a professional standard clipper, for a slightly lower price, then our Wahl 8500 Senior Review is happy to recommend this as a great option.

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