Wahl Professional Lithium Ion ReviewThis is the review for the Wahl professional lithium ion powered clipper, the world’s very first cordless clipper, making this one a bit of a classic. Let’s find out a little more..


The Wahl Pro features their state of the art lithium ion battery technology, producing the most powerful and longer lasting battery life to date.

It comes with an array of guards and guides for cutting a variety of lengths and styles, and the blade is replaceable dependent on your preference and use.

The clipper can be used cordless, or with the power cable connected for use between charges which is really handy and isn’t an option with certain other models like in our top rated clippers.

Unique to this model is the 4 point LED power feature. Green lights clearly displayed on the front panel show how full the battery is, and warn you when it’s almost time to charge up.
Finally, the quick charge is a really special and practical feature. Even when the battery dies, you can charge up enough charge for a single use in just 15 minutes, perfect for the morning hurry out of the door.

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This model comes in plain black, in a lighter, slimmer design. The four green LED lights on the front are really useful, they let you know how your battery is doing, which is a feature I haven’t seen on many other items.

The charger stand matches the clipper, meaning you can happily store it on display thanks to the attractive design.
It is also designed to be ultra practical, and the ergonomic design has been praised by dozens of customer reviews I’ve read as super comfortable, and really light, making the days cutting less tiring.
The final thing worth mentioning, which might seem a little picky, but which for us is a deal breaker – is the cleaning process. There are no tricky pieces on this model for hair to get trapped inside, as a result a little brush and blow occasionally should keep it in clean working order. There’s no need to start looking for Allen keys or screwdrivers with this model, so no need to get frustrated. 


The Wahl Pro lithium ion clipper was originally intended for professional use on men’s or women’s hair, and as far as I have seen, is praised for getting great results on any hair type.

As time has passed and the lithium ion battery has become more popular, many more have come onto the market making it a little more affordable, and making these now a popular choice for home use too. If you are looking for clippers to use at home, check out our guide to self-styling here.

Different attachments can be used, and some are included with the clippers allowing you to choose from a variety of hair lengths.
You can also easily adapt this particular model for all over body use, if you are looking to use it for home grooming, which is a plus.


As mentioned these were the very first cordless clippers to make use of lithium-ion technology, making these a truly revolutionary piece of kit. The battery boasts over double the usual charge time (offering almost an hour and a half of use), and it even has a quick charge setting, giving you enough charge for a haircut in just fifteen minutes.

As standard, the blades provided by Wahl are state of the art and highly recommended by professionals worldwide. You may also switch the blades out if you do happen to have a personal favourite.Wahl Professional Lithium Ion Review 


Along with your clippers you’ll receive:

– Power base

– Charger Cord

– One X professional blade

– 11 cutting guides

– Cleaning brush

– Cleaning Oil

Compatibility with hair types

Unlike other less heavy duty clippers on the market such the Wahl Professional is designed to easily cut through any grade of hair. This model has really positive reviews online from customers and barbers, and sitting nearer the upper end as far as price is concerned, seems highly recommended Wahl Professional Lithium Ion Reviewfor even the thickest hairstyles. If you have particularly thick, or ethnic hair and have found that cheaper clippers haven’t been able to cut their way through, we definitely recommend trying a more professional model like this one, or perhaps the Wahl designer model.


The Wahl lithium ion comes in quite high on the price scale, and is now a little outdated compared to newer models that can be picked up for a similar price. But actually,  it’s hard to find too many downsides in a Wahl Professional Lithium Ion review. It might not be quite number one for motor, or battery, or blade power, this is true, but it rests pretty nicely just below number one across these traits, which is pretty impressive.

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